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Martech Company FreakOut Launches FreakOut Social

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FreakOut, the global marketing technology company, part of FreakOut Holdings [TSE:6094] launches FreakOut Social powered by Spaceback, a new technology utilizing advertisers’ social media posts as advertising creatives for digital marketing.

Nowadays, many brands are making more efforts to communicate with consumers on social media and their social contents are well-optimized through continual trial and error. FreakOut Social powered by Spaceback will unlock advertisers’ powerful content from social media feeds and extend reach in viewable ad placements on premium publishers across Asia. It enables advertisers to obtain an opportunity for ad awareness and engagement beyond the Walled Garden.

During the test before launching, FreakOut Social powered by Spaceback has shown effective results in achieving 5 times longer in-view time spent with the same creatives on social media feed with video ad format. It has always been a preferred metric for most brands to have longer in-view time and a higher view-through rate of their video.

FreakOut has been investing in Spaceback since shortly after they founded the company in 2018, being fascinated by the unique technology. And after a few years, we finally release a collaboration product bringing new value to the Asian market by combining the placements and creatives that each has refined.

“We are proud to power FreakOut Social and bring the most comprehensive Social Display solution in the world to the Asian market,” says Casey Saran, Spaceback’s CEO. “FreakOut has supported Spaceback since our inception and their superior technology, relationships, and regional expertise make them the ideal partner to bring Social Display to Asia.”

Ken Yamane, Executive Officer – FreakOut Holdings, inc., commented: We are very excited to launch the collaborated product with Spaceback that has advanced technology of social display creative. Especially in Asia where social networking service usage is extremely high, we believe this user-friendly creative format at our In-Read inventory between qualified contents brings higher performance for digital marketing of advertisers.

FreakOut will continue to use its technology and know-how to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem in the digital marketing industry and we are quite sure that FreakOut Social powered by Spaceback will be a part of the ecosystem.

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