MarTech Interview with Vlad Voskresensky, Co-founder and CEO of Revenue Grid

Discover core enhancements, seamless integrations, and cutting-edge features for businesses to minimize revenue leakage. MarTech Interview with Vlad Voskresensky, Co-founder and CEO of Revenue Grid.
MarTech Interview

What inspired you to co-found Revenue Grid, and what were your goals when starting Revenue Grid?
The idea for Revenue Grid came about before revenue intelligence as an industry was defined. The technology started as an internal tool to optimize the use of our CRM system, but we quickly realized it could be helpful for any organization using a CRM. My goal from the beginning has been to provide businesses with a tool that can maximize their revenue potential by identifying and preventing leaks through full visibility of their sales pipelines, and I’m proud to have had a hand in developing Revenue Grid into the powerful solution it is today.

Could you please provide an overview of the company and the key solutions it offers to sales teams?
Revenue Grid is dedicated to optimizing organizations’ sales and revenue potential by minimizing revenue leakage. We developed our solution to give businesses the tools needed to improve customer relationships, automate sales processes and gain meaningful insight from sales data. Our solution was designed specifically for sales teams so they can spend less time doing tedious administrative tasks and more time building relationships and closing deals.

Our revenue intelligence tools give businesses a comprehensive look at their sales data by tracking sales metrics, analyzing customer interactions and identifying patterns and trends. This information provides valuable insights to help businesses make data-backed decisions about their sales strategies, allowing them to pinpoint areas for improvement in their sales process and maximize their revenue potential.

Tell us about the core enhancements introduced in the summer ‘23 product release and how they contribute to revenue growth.
The core enhancements of the summer ‘23 product release include improved forecasting flexibility and insights, streamlined Signals management, Aircall and RingCentral integrations and meeting scheduling process optimization. These features are meant to elevate the user experience from start to finish to supercharge revenue growth by providing deeper insights into each stage of the sales journey and simplifying processes.

What specific benefits do the forecasting flexibility and insights bring to sales managers and revenue operations teams?
The integration of manager-led forecasting alongside Salesforce and Revenue Grid forecasting brings significant benefits to sales managers and revenue operations teams. This approach enables tailored goal-setting, enhancing alignment with team capabilities and market conditions. The ability to compare forecasts from both platforms at a glance empowers teams with comprehensive insights, aiding informed decision-making and revealing potential variations or leaks. Pinpointing areas for improvement becomes more efficient, streamlining the forecasting process and freeing up time for data analysis. This integration also offers a complete view of the sales landscape, aiding strategic planning. Overall, the combination of manager-led forecasting and platform comparison enhances flexibility, refines goal-setting, facilitates informed decisions and ultimately optimizes sales strategies.

How does Revenue Grid’s platform help sales teams detect revenue leaks by comparing Salesforce and Revenue Grid forecasts?
By comparing Salesforce and Revenue Grid forecasts, sales teams can detect leaks by distinguishing the variations between the two forecasts.

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Can you elaborate on the forecast evolution report and how it provides insights into the movement of deals?
The Forecast Evolution Report offers an immediate and insightful perspective on quarterly performance, enabling teams to proactively adjust strategies and achieve targeted sales goals. Key points:

  • Provides precise answers to pressing questions like “How are we performing this quarter?”
  • Addresses aspects such as closed deals, pipeline sufficiency and forecast evolution against targets.
  • Replaces laborious data assembly with consolidated week-by-week insights on finalized deals, committed deals and forward projections.
  • Offers real-time, evolving overview of pipeline and forecast dynamics.
  • Tracks deal progression by stage, uncovering leaked opportunities from the forecast chart directly.

This report empowers sales leaders, including CROs, with a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of their team’s performance, enabling swift and informed decision-making to steer towards success.

What motivated the development of Signals Builder, and how does it streamline the management of Revenue Signals?
Salespeople are always busy, and sometimes tasks like following up at a specific time fall through the cracks. We developed Signals to enable the creation of custom alert types with the ability to assign recipients to the alert so a follow-up task never gets overlooked. Furthermore, the new Revenue Signals report provides a detailed look into how teams handle their signals to ensure the most effective usage.

With the Aircall and RingCentral integrations, how does Revenue Grid facilitate seamless communication between sales teams and customers?
The integration of Aircall and RingCentral means users no longer have to toggle between their phones and the CRM. Teams can enhance their workflow by no longer having to juggle separate platforms.

What benefits can sales teams expect from the optimized meeting scheduling process, particularly in terms of time management and preventing overlaps?
The optimized meeting scheduling process gives users a unified view of availability across multiple calendars to prevent double booking and streamline the scheduling process to enhance time management.

What is your vision for the future of Revenue Grid, and how do you plan to continue assisting sales teams in unlocking their full potential?
We anticipate a huge wave of growth in the revenue operations space, and we are doing our best to get ready for that. We want to ensure we have the resources and infrastructure available to sell, deploy and support our solutions at scale to effectively meet the demands of potential customers. We are prioritizing preparation and continuous improvement so we can fully capitalize on the incoming influx of opportunities and growth.

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Vlad Voskresensky, co-founder and CEO of Revenue Grid

Vlad Voskresensky is the co-founder and CEO of Revenue Grid, a revenue intelligence platform that helps businesses identify and prevent revenue leaks at any stage of the revenue generation process. Vlad has been driving the product vision and leading the company’s technology direction for over a decade, reinforced with more than 20 years of deep expertise in connecting enterprise (CRM systems) and personal environments. Vlad gained numerous helpful insights while collaborating with such tech giants as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, as well as other Fortune 100 companies in the field of business workflows automation, sales enablement, sales, and service acceleration. LinkedIn.
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