MarTech Interview with Yikai Li, General Manager at Nativex

Discover the factors influencing Nativex's decision-making on selecting optimal social media platforms for target markets.
MarTech Interview

Yikai, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into the world of E-commerce?
I began working at Nativex two years ago and am now responsible for overseeing the markets in Europe and North America. Prior to joining Nativex, I was employed at TikTok, where I launched numerous advertising products and expanded into various markets, mainly in Southeast Asia and Israel. My connection to E-commerce began somewhat coincidentally; my first client on TikTok was in the E-commerce sector, and that experience marked the beginning of my journey in that field.

Social media platforms vary in popularity across different regions. How does Nativex identify the most suitable social channels for each target market, and what factors influence these decisions?
Social media channels exhibit significant variation across different regions, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of each market. This includes well-established markets such as the United States and Europe, as well as emerging ones like Brazil and Indonesia. Each of these markets presents unique opportunities in terms of preferred platforms, user behaviors, consumer decision-making processes, purchasing power, and cultural trends. At Nativex, we recognize the imperative of aligning our campaigns with both the traditional and contemporary cultural contexts of each region. This alignment ensures that our marketing efforts resonate with local audiences, thereby enhancing their effectiveness. Furthermore, our approach emphasizes a data-driven understanding of user engagement. By meticulously analyzing where users are most active and the platforms that facilitate the entire consumer journey—from discovery to purchase and downloading—we are able to optimize our campaigns. This enables us to not only reach our target audiences but also guide them through the decision-making process, ultimately contributing to the success of our clients’ objectives.

Global e-commerce campaigns involve reaching diverse audiences with varying preferences. How do you ensure that social marketing messages resonate with culturally diverse consumers while maintaining brand consistency?
At Nativex, the global e-commerce campaigns are built on a foundation of “glocalization,” reflecting a concerted effort to understand and honor the cultural nuances of diverse markets. This approach starts with conducting meticulous research on local customs, values, and consumer behavior, ensuring that marketing messages resonate on a personal and culturally relevant level. In maintaining brand consistency, we establish clear guidelines that allow for adaptation to various cultural contexts, including collaboration with local experts to create content that aligns with the brand’s global voice yet is adapted to local language and imagery. Through the utilization of data analytics, we’re able to refine strategies continuously, ensuring alignment with both local preferences and global brand standards. This process includes thorough testing and optimization, legal considerations, and leveraging cutting-edge technology and tools to balance localization and brand consistency. The result is a blend of global brand identity with local resonance, a testament to Nativex’s commitment to creating meaningful connections across culturally diverse landscapes.

Collaboration with local partners can be instrumental in entering new markets. How does Nativex establish and nurture partnerships with local entities to support clients’ market exploration efforts?
Absolutely, collaboration with local partners is crucial, especially in the rapidly changing landscape of global e-commerce. Nativex has successfully built strategic partner relationships with some of the largest social media platforms in the world, including Weibo, TikTok, RED, and more. These partnerships are not merely symbolic; they provide Nativex with exclusive access to prime advertising inventory, dedicated support, and unique insights into local markets. The result is enhanced campaign performance, tailored to resonate with local audiences, and a competitive edge that helps our clients succeed in their market exploration efforts. These relationships underscore Nativex’s commitment to forging meaningful connections and leveraging local expertise to drive success in diverse and dynamic global landscapes.

In the context of exploring new business opportunities, how does Nativex leverage data analytics and consumer insights to refine advertising strategies and optimize campaign performance?
Nativex, backed by Mobvista, a leading mobile technology company, places immense emphasis on data and analytics in shaping our performance marketing strategies. Understanding the unique landscapes of various markets, we recognize that each region offers distinct opportunities, and our approach must be equally versatile. We delve deep into consumer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns, using our platform’s rigorous testing capabilities, including A/B testing and competitor analysis and reporting, to excel in mobile marketing. In some markets, heavy creative testing may be the key to success, while others may necessitate a more sophisticated media buying strategy. Regardless of the approach, our core principle is to put clients first. We continuously ask ourselves, “With a limited budget, how can we grow their app or brand and ensure users are kept happy, engaged, and remain part of the community?” This client-centric mindset, combined with our data-driven expertise, enables us to explore new business opportunities with precision, agility, and a commitment to delivering exceptional value for our clients.

Social media users increasingly value authenticity and transparency from brands. How does Nativex help its clients build an authentic brand presence on social platforms while driving e-commerce sales?
First and foremost, we advocate for transparency by promoting clear and honest messaging. Navigating away from overly polished or artificial content, we help clients convey their brand’s genuine story and values. User-generated content (UGC) is another powerful tool that Nativex leverages. By encouraging customers to share their own experiences and testimonials, we create a more relatable and trustworthy brand image. UGC also fosters community engagement, allowing consumers to connect with the brand and with each other. Livestreaming is employed to offer a real and unfiltered view of the brand, be it behind-the-scenes glimpses or live Q&A sessions with company representatives. This approach helps demystify the brand, making it more approachable and relatable. We also emphasize localized marketing, ensuring that content is tailored to resonate with different cultural, regional, and demographic segments of the audience. This approach not only enhances relevance but also demonstrates an understanding and respect for the diversity within the brand’s community. Data analytics play a crucial role in our strategy. By continuously monitoring user engagement and feedback, Nativex ensures that the brand’s presence evolves with the changing needs and preferences of the audience, further solidifying its authenticity. Lastly, ethical considerations are at the forefront of our approach. We ensure that all content complies with local regulations and cultural norms, reinforcing the brand’s integrity and trustworthiness.We facilitate community building on platforms such as China’s WeChat by crafting engaging content that resonates with local audiences, hosting interactive events, and fostering open conversations. This approach helps to create a sense of belonging among followers and promotes a genuine connection between the brand and its community. Nativex’s social media management extends to other global apps, where we implement localized strategies that align with cultural nuances. By collaborating with local influencers and utilizing platform-specific features, we ensure that brand messages are delivered in an authentic and relatable manner.

The world is constantly changing, and new markets emerge over time. How does Nativex stay agile and adaptable to help clients seize emerging opportunities in different regions?
At Nativex, our commitment to agility and adaptability is central to our strategy, allowing us to help clients capitalize on emerging opportunities in different regions, including burgeoning markets like Brazil and Indonesia. By closely monitoring local dynamics, we tailor our strategies to align with market demands, while leveraging cross-border marketing solutions through platforms like Kwai and Snackvideo. Our continuous investment in innovation, research, and development, along with our flexible and collaborative approach, ensures that we remain responsive to changes and proactively identify new trends. Additionally, our data-driven decision-making empowers our clients to align their strategies with the most promising opportunities. In summary, Nativex’s integration of local insight, global partnerships, continuous innovation, flexibility, and data-driven strategies enables us to adeptly navigate the ever-changing landscape of emerging markets, providing value and growth across various regions from established markets to emerging economies like Brazil and Indonesia.

We would love to know what motivates you personally in this industry. Could you share aspects that fuel your passion and drive your dedication to excel in the world of marketing technology?
On one hand, I firmly believe that advertising is an effective method for connecting products with their target audiences, enhancing efficiency across society. On the other hand, I continually seek new solutions for brand advertising, never content to remain in my ‘comfort zone’.

Looking to the future, what trends or technologies do you see shaping the way Nativex assists global brands and advertisers in exploring new business opportunities in the coming years?
It’s challenging to make definitive predictions, but two clear trends are emerging. The first is the increasing significance of cross-border business for companies worldwide. The second is the growing application of AIGC within the advertising industry.

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Yikai Li, General Manager at Nativex

Yikai Li serves as the General Manager for Nativex in Europe and North America. With extensive experience in the tech industry, he previously held roles such as the Head of Client Solution for Israel and Sales Director for Southeast Asia at ByteDance, along with positions at other prominent advertising and technology companies. LinkedIn.
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