MarTech Interview with Zack Rosenberg, CEO and co-founder of Qortex

Learn about Qortex's transformative approach to moment categorization, sentiment analysis, and navigating a cookieless world for marketers.


Before delving into the details of Qortex, could you share a bit about your background and what inspired you to co-found Qortex and embark on this journey in the world of video advertising?
We originated as a sports media company aiming to bring live sports to social media channels. It wasn’t long before we attracted an audience, but realized quickly the platforms don’t monetize it as they don’t know what it is and they wouldn’t allow us to sell our own pre-roll, so we created a non-interruptive experience that could scale. Once we solved our own problem, it was time to expand its reach.


Zack, could you provide a concise overview of how Qortex is transforming the landscape of video advertising and helping marketers achieve more effective and dynamic campaigns?
Qortex is an intelligent video analytics company best known for on-stream, scalable in-video experiences for the web, CTV, and in-game. We connect marketers to the moments that matter in content from categories of content correlated to the performance metrics that drive results.

Moment Categorization

How does Qortex categorise moments within videos, and what kind of insights does this provide for advertisers in terms of the content their video ads are associated with?
We categorize by actions, events, feelings, products, and more to hone in on precisely the right opportunities for each brand and message.

Video Data Cataloging

Could you explain how Qortex’s video data cataloguing works and how it offers moment-by-moment analytics to empower marketing decision-making?
A moment is defined by a 2-30-second chunk of video with added context. Advertisers have been very focused on audiences when content has always been proven to be the driver of results. Advertisers care about context, there could be a plane in the video, but Delta wants to know if its a family headed to Disney World or if something tragic happened. The difference could mean everything and the examples are endless.

Sentiment and Engagement Analysis

Tell us more about how Qortex analyses sentiment and engagement rates. How does this information help inform targeting strategies for advertisers?
Connecting the right moment with the right message is magic. Most advertisers have seen incremental gains. When you do something different, you can see exponential gains. On-stream delivers 6.8X more attention, 30% increases in brand metrics, 2.3X the engagement of traditional video ads.

Cookieless World

In an evolving landscape, how does Qortex help marketers understand audience interests in a cookieless world? What strategies do you recommend for effective targeting?
For over 100 years we relied on content as a way to reach people when they were most receptive and when it was relevant. Want to sell golf clubs, advertise in golf content. It’s the same strategy that has made Google what it is, yet we believed digital could deliver differently. There will be a rush back to quality content that engages audiences and moves them to action, but which? This is great news for premium publishers. There might be less options, but not necessarily worse ones. Cookies were never that reliable to begin with.

Brand Safety

Maintaining high brand-safety standards is crucial. How does Qortex ensure this by negating content with poor GARM ratings?
Qortex analyzes video by the moment to ensure brands are not matched with content that culd be detrimental to their brand. For example, Qortex can detect firearms and ensure that ads are not placed around firearms or violence.

Deeper Insight

The ability to provide deeper insight is valuable. Can you share examples of how Qortex’s reporting on emotions and IAB categories helps advertisers enhance their campaigns?
Qortex can categorize moments based on sentiment, emotions and IAB categories, providing deeper insight into exactly when in a video ads should be served to be the most contextually relevant. Qortex has done a study in conjunction with Lucid by Cint that shows a positive lift on Brand Awareness (+32.9%) and Purchase intent (+30.3%).

AI-Powered Data

Could you explain how Qortex leverages innovative AI-powered data to maximise ROI and maintain brand safety? What’s the impact on future and current campaign optimizations?
All brand safety, insight and contextual analysis occurs through the utilization of our proprietary intelligent video analytics platform.

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Zack Rosenberg, CEO and co-founder of Qortex

Zack Rosenberg is the founding CEO of Qortex, an Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) company brands and enterprises use to turn video content into meaningful and enriching experiences that drive business outcomes. Throughout his career, Zack has played a key role in helping the leading brands, agencies and publishers to unleash the power of revolutionary digital media and advertising technology solutions. Prior to co-founding Qortex, Zack served in key sales and leadership roles at Keywee (now Anyword), Buzzfeed, SmartBrief and WebMD. LinkedIn.
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