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MarTech scale-up Lunio fuels German expansion with a strategic partner

•Following its success in the UK, the Manchester-based MarTech company has been chosen by Digitl to protect Germany’s advertisers from fake traffic such as bots and automated scripts •The collaboration will accelerate Lunio’s efforts to stop invalid traffic in Europe’s two biggest markets when it comes to advertising spending

Leading MarTech scaleup, Lunio, has been selected by Digitl, the leading consultancy and marketing technology service provider, as its strategic partner to protect the German marketing industry from invalid traffic (IVT).

The strategic partnership comes at a time when German advertisers are increasingly losing control and visibility over their ad spend due to the rise of smart bidding and fully automated campaign types such as Google’s Performance Max. With audience targeting decisions increasingly determined by algorithms – and Lunio estimating 10 – 25% of paid media budgets across search, shopping, social and programmatic are routinely wasted on fake ad engagement – the collaboration will play an important role in ensuring data fed to automated systems comes from real users with genuine conversion potential.

Lunio and Digitl have a shared vision to enable more advertisers in the region to eliminate fake and invalid traffic from their campaigns by surfacing actionable insights and automated blocking features. With advertisers set to waste over €69bn (£59bn) globally in 2024 on traffic generated by invalid activity such as bots and automated scripts, the partnership will accelerate Lunio’s efforts to stop invalid traffic in Europe’s second biggest market when it comes to advertising spending – only behind the UK.

Marco Schierhorn, Managing Director of Digitl, said: “As we look into the future of digital advertising, we recognise the importance of giving advertisers greater control and visibility over their ad spend. That means reassuring advertisers that their traffic holds genuine conversion potential. 

With that in mind, we decided to partner with Lunio, a company with a solid track record at giving world-leading brands complete transparency over their traffic, allowing for better campaign optimisations with validated data. We are delighted to be working with the original tool for stopping invalid traffic. 

Lunio’s founder and CEO, Neil Andrew, added: “We are delighted that an innovative company like Digitl is so passionate about working with us to raise awareness of the growing challenge of invalid traffic in the German market.  

We are excited to increase our engagement with German advertisers as they are  incredibly advanced and forward-looking, making them a perfect match for our solution.”

With this move, Lunio will look to expand its customer base in the German market, which already includes the likes of Lagerbox and OMY Group. The solution is also being deployed worldwide by the likes of M&S, McDonald’s, and eBay, among others.

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