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ThoughtSpot is Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year, Data – BI

While recognizing ThoughtSpot’s Google Cloud Partner Award win, the company announces deeper integrations with Google’s Gemini Models

ThoughtSpot, the AI-Powered Analytics company, announced it has been named the 2024 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year Award for Data – Business Intelligence. Simultaneously, ThoughtSpot has announced new integrations with Google’s Gemini models to help organizations unlock unprecedented value from their investments in the Google Cloud ecosystem, unleash their team’s creativity, and capitalize on opportunities like never before.

Delivering transformational value to the Google Cloud ecosystem
As companies continue to move to the cloud and grapple with exploding data volumes, the challenges with legacy analytics systems, predicated on experts spoonfeeding curated insights to business counterparts, have become insurmountable. At the same time, advances in GenAI promise to fundamentally recast the role of analytics, with humans empowered like never before to express ideas, ask questions, and solve problems leveraging data. Doing so will enable companies to spark their own Data Renaissance and reimagine every component of their businesses.

With ThoughtSpot and Google Cloud, people are at the center of data-driven decision making. The award recognizes the business value and increased success that ThoughtSpot is delivering to hundreds of joint customers including CNA Insurance, CVS Health, Bambuser, Priceline, Wells Fargo, and Endeavor Group. With ThoughtSpot and Google Cloud, companies around the world are transforming data into actionable insights across their organization, maximizing the value of their cloud investments as they put GenAI to work for their business.

“ThoughtSpot alongside Google Cloud’s BigQuery is a cornerstone of Cox 2M’s data strategy, enabling us to empower our teams with generative AI-powered solutions we can trust. By harnessing natural language querying, we’ve unlocked the power of data for every user, allowing them to ask questions in their own words and receive reliable AI-powered answers instantly,” said Josh Horton, Director of Data Strategy and Analytics at Cox2M. “We’re excited about ThoughtSpot’s integration roadmap with Gemini models, and anticipate an even greater unlock for our users with Change Analysis leveraging Gemini models. This partnership not only accelerates data-driven decisions but fosters innovation and speed in bringing new ideas to market, driving tangible value for Cox 2M and our customers.”

“Core to our data strategy and vision at OVO Energy, is to empower our broader teams with self-service analytics. To date, ThoughtSpot, alongside BigQuery, has enabled us to put data in the hands of our people and encourage them to ask any question of our data, and get reliable answers they can quickly act upon,” said Dr. Katie Russell, Director of Data & AI at OVO. “Features within Liveboards, like pinning answers and AI-generated insights, make it easier to empower our people to answer their own questions, in turn expediting the speed of data-driven decision making. This gives time back to our data teams, enabling us to continue our mission of leveraging data and AI for good, as we strive to decarbonize homes and empower our customers.”

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