MDC Partners Unveils PRophet to PR Marketplace

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First-Ever AI-Driven Software Platform That Predicts Media Interest, Sentiment, and Spread

MDC Partners (NASDAQ: MDCA) today launched PRophet, the first-ever AI-driven platform for the PR community to help predict media interest, sentiment and spread before a story is pitched. PRophet’s proprietary technology samples millions of reporters’ stories spanning thousands of print media outlets by deploying a proprietary combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies.

Before PRophet, knowing with any certainty if a reporter will write a story remained a guessing game purely based on years of professional experience, labor-intensive research, and instinct with no performance-based data to support or guide a pitch. Similar to how movie studios and book publishers are using AI to predict the commercial potential for a script, PRophet helps brands and organizations perfect and refine earned media strategies before going to market with a pitch – enabling teams to intelligently develop strategies both around positive news and emerging issues and threats.

The software was born out of MDC’s Ventures Inside the program, developed by Stagwell Technology, and was conceived of and founded by Aaron Kwittken, a marketing and communications industry thought leader and founder of KWT Global, alongside a former political strategist and Microsoft executive Mark Penn, chairman and CEO of MDC Partners and President of The Stagwell Group.

“The PR industry is woefully behind when it comes to real technology solutions. It’s a race to the bottom of overpriced online media databases, imprecise monitoring tools and stylized measurement dashboards. PRophet uses AI to analyze past reporter behavior to actually predict future reporting potential. This has never been done before. It will revolutionize how PR professionals interact with journalists, making the interaction more efficient, and also provide them with irrefutable data to support their pitch strategy to internal stakeholders. It’s like Waze for PR people,” said Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet.

“Welcome Prophet! This is the first of a line of significant digital subscription products in the marketing field to come from MDC Partners. Aaron’s vision, combined with the know-how of the MDC Ventures Inside the team, and the technical expertise of StagwellTech, has produced a tremendous innovation at the intersection of AI and PR to help corporate PR departments and their agencies to better land their message in today’s highly complex news environment,” said Mark Penn.

PRophet is an easy-to-use tool developed and designed to help PR professionals deploy a data-driven approach to successfully pitching reporters. Currently, “media intelligence tools” only focus on which media to target based on dated or rudimentary information that’s not performative or predictive. PRophet brings new value to every layer in the public relations ecosystem: from generating greater intelligence for internal strategy, to working in tandem with traditional media databases to perform even smarter and more efficiently, to creating more relevant and successful pitches and therefore better relationships between PR professionals and journalists. The result is better performance for individuals, press, companies, and brands.

PRophet was brought to life from an internal competition by MDC Partners designed to draw out from its network of talent the most innovative ideas for internal, client, or consumer-facing products sitting at the intersection of technology and marketing strategy. As the winning concept, PRophet, was awarded an operating budget to bring the idea to the market.

PRophet is now exclusively available to brands and can upskill in-house teams to better manage internal expectations around the “mediability” of a story idea or emerging issue/crisis. To request a demo of PRophet, visit and follow PRophet on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest platform updates, thought leadership, and insights into how PRophet is changing the PR game for the better.

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