MediaGo announced an expanded partnership with GeoEdge


MediaGo, a deep learning-based intelligent advertising platform under the Baidu Global Business Unit, announced an expanded partnership with GeoEdge, a global ad security and quality leader. This increased collaboration enhances malvertising protection by cracking down on threat actors and fortifying user protection across the advertising industry.

Amnon Siev, GeoEdge’s CEO said, “As malvertising evolves, our security engines are tailored to detect threat actors along the advertising supply chain before they reach audiences. Through our valued partnership with MediaGo, together we’re proud to prevent threat actors from exploiting the advertising infrastructure- safeguarding its partners and audiences.”

MediaGo maintains a zero-tolerance policy toward malicious ads, blocking all instances of malware, malicious content, phishing, scams, fraud, and cloaking ads.

To realize this goal, MediaGo has engaged in collaboration with GeoEdge since its foundation. MediaGo has effectively implemented a comprehensive, multi-tiered ad security audit system that includes:

  • Pre-emptive landing page compliance checks: GeoEdge’s tools conduct thorough scans of landing pages before ads are launched. Post-launch, MediaGo continues with routine scans, utilizing GeoEdge’s technology to target and identify potential violation advertising, ensuring that ad landing pages remain safe and compliant throughout their lifecycle.
  • Proprietary deep learning system: MediaGo’s in-house review system, underpinned by deep learning, is trained on extensive datasets, harnessing the power of AI to accurately categorize and block prohibited items.
  • 24/7 manual monitoring: MediaGo’s dedicated review team constantly scrutinizes ad creatives and landing page content, certifying that all advertisements align with the stringent ad review policies.
  • Advertiser qualification checks: Before advertisers onboard, MediaGo conducts a comprehensive assessment of all advertisers’ credentials, preemptively reducing the likelihood of low-quality or non-compliant ads.

“The strengthened collaboration with GeoEdge brings a new, forward-looking enhancement to MediaGo’s ad security review system,” says Brian Mun, Director of Global Partnerships, Baidu Global Business Unit. “The health of the ad ecosystem is critical to all stakeholders and users. MediaGo is committed to elevating ad quality, safeguarding the integrity of our advertising system, and diligently working to offer media partners and consumers the optimum advertising experience.”

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