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MediaMath Partners With Social Display Advertising Firm Spaceback

Partnership Empowers Businesses to Use Spaceback’s Social Display Platform to Improve the Performance of Online Advertising Campaigns
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Spaceback, the creator of Social Display advertising, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with MediaMath to become the first platform integrated into MediaMath’s programmatic platform that enables advertisers to take advantage of a new, innovative advertising solution called Social Display. This new creative format combines powerful engaging social media experiences with the efficiencies of the standard display to deliver digital campaigns that perform better across a range of metrics. Through the partnership, marketers on MediaMath’s platform can seamlessly activate Spaceback Social Display advertising within current and future media buys.

“The constantly evolving needs and behaviors of consumers are forcing brands to reevaluate their social advertising strategies and content to meaningfully connect with their target audiences,” said Daniel Sepulveda, SVP Policy & Advocacy at MediaMath. “Our partnership with Spaceback allows advertisers who are navigating the complex changes to the social ad landscape to quickly reallocate budget to accountable and addressable programmatic channels while maintaining the high-quality experiences they have developed for social platforms.”
As more brands adopt a “social-first” content strategy, MediaMath and Spaceback are tapping into the desire to expand the reach of this engaging content outside the “walled-gardens” of social networks. Content from the leading social platforms — Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn — can be authentically recreated as display creative, alive with real-time social signals and familiar experiences (likes, comments, retweets, etc.) to reach customers in a more engaging way. This is especially impactful now as major brands look for ways to reduce dependency on social channels.

“Spaceback’s mission is to make it fast and easy for marketers to engage consumers with great digital experiences by harnessing the power of social media in display advertising,” said Casey Saran, CEO and co-founder of Spaceback. “Combining our creative solution with MediaMath’s leading programmatic tools now provides brands and agencies with the easiest way yet to engage audiences across the web.”

In addition to delivering content designed to be engaging and “people-optimized,” employing a social-first programmatic strategy also benefits advertisers by lowering creative development costs, improving speed to market and increasing performance up and down the funnel over standard banners (brand awareness, consideration, and click-through).

Benefits for MediaMath customers to use Spaceback include ease of use and activation, no creative development costs, billing integration and improved performance. Spaceback’s Social Display solution has already been utilized by several brands on the MediaMath T1 platform. MediaMath’s agency partner, Big Lens, is currently activating creative in T1 using Social Display to generate a 50 percent increase in click-through rate versus standard display ads

According to the Big Lens team, “Spaceback Social Display units increase engagement, allow us to run video at lower CPMs than in-stream video, and provide an easy way to develop more compelling creative. It’s a win, win, win!”

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