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Mediavine announces first advancement in Privacy Sandbox Testing

Company Partners with OpenX to Conduct First Server-to-Server Integration

Mediavine, the largest exclusive full-service ad management firm in the U.S., announced the first successful server-to-server integration in the Privacy Sandbox’s Protected Audience API (PAAPI) since its launch earlier this year. Working with OpenX, one of the world’s leading omnichannel supply-side platforms, Mediavine configured the first server-to-server (S2S) solution conducted within PAAPI. This was achieved via component auctions through server-to-server communications, resulting in efficient, cookieless advertising.

With Google Chrome’s upcoming third-party cookie deprecation, the advertising industry is currently experiencing the biggest shift in the history of programmatic. Ad buyers are seeking a streamlined method to assess cookieless offerings within their current workflows. This preliminary S2S integration is the first successful RTB workflow that will be viable for buyers and the ecosystem at large.

S2S integrations transmit data directly to secure servers without dependence on a user’s browser ensuring a privacy-centric environment and a better user experience. The PAAPI auction configuration delivered through S2S allows publishers and SSPs to take advantage of faster ad auctions, more demand sources and increased control available through these connections.

“As the advertising ecosystem attempts to navigate the Privacy Sandbox changes, we’re starting to see success in new workflows, and that’s thanks to programmatic partners, like OpenX, that are committed to being at the forefront of testing with us,” said John Rosendahl, Mediavine’s Director of Product, Activation & Identity. “Mediavine is dedicated to crafting innovative solutions within the Privacy Sandbox that prioritize both publisher well-being and buyer achievements as we enter a new era of programmatic advertising.”

“As a pioneer of server-side real-time bidding and experts regarding the Protected Audience API, OpenX was well positioned to partner with a leader like Mediavine in delivering this first-to-market offering. Our goal has always been to limit the burden on the end user and minimize the latency in auctions,” said Joel Meyer, SVP, Engineering at OpenX. “Today, we provide publishers with much more than just a server-side auction – our proximity to the content and the bidstream at scale across publishers helps us facilitate solutions that deliver strategic advantages to our publisher and advertiser partners.”

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