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Shirofune expands Ad Management Reach with Amazon Ads Integration

Leading digital automation tool enhances Amazon Advertising capabilities, providing seamless omnichannel efficiency for advertisers and agencies to maximize ROI

Shirofune, the leading digital advertising automation management tool, today announced the integration of Amazon Ads into its robust platform. This expansion marks a significant step forward, enabling advertisers and agencies to seamlessly manage their Amazon ad spend alongside other major platforms such as Google ads, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft Advertising, TikTok, and X (formerly known as Twitter).

Amazon, a global e-commerce giant with millions of sellers and an extensive customer base, offers a lucrative advertising platform. According to recent statistics, Amazon’s advertising revenue has been steadily growing, reaching new heights in the digital advertising landscape. Shirofune’s integration with Amazon Ads introduces a host of concrete benefits for advertisers seeking to optimize their campaigns on the e-commerce platform:

  • AI-driven Budget and Bid Management: Unlike manual adjustments required in the Amazon Ads console, Shirofune automates campaign-level daily budgets and bid amounts. Set budgets and target ROAS (ACoS)on a monthly basis or for any desired period., and Shirofune’s algorithm automatically optimizes for maximum performance.
  • Ultra-Precise Bid Adjustment: Crucial for Amazon Advertising as it Once Was for Google Ads
    It is extremely important for enhancing results to meticulously adjust bidding based on keyword/targeting & days of the week & time slots, just as it was in former Google advertising. Shirofune’s ultra-detailed bidding algorithm, refined over 10 years in Google Ads, possesses such uniqueness that it has captured a 91% market share and similarly boosts outcomes in Amazon advertising unlike anything else available.
  • Performance Analysis Simplified: Shirofune’s Change Analysis report goes beyond the manual analysis required in the Amazon Ads console. It automatically analyzes factors contributing to performance changes and provides explanations in natural language, eliminating the need for tedious manual comparisons.
  • Time and Money Savings: Shirofune’s expertise, coupled with its AI-driven ad optimization, ensures maximum ROI on Amazon PPC campaigns. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of manual ad management and let Shirofune handle it with efficiency and precision.

“With Amazon Ads becoming a pivotal player in the digital advertising landscape, our integration ensures that advertisers can efficiently manage their campaigns with the precision and effectiveness that Shirofune is known for,” said Mitsunaga Kikuchi, Founder and CEO of Shirofune. “This strategic collaboration not only underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of advertising technology but also empowers businesses to harness the full potential of Amazon Ads with the seamless automation and strategic expertise that Shirofune brings to the table.”

Shirofune launched in North America last February after becoming the #1 digital automated advertising management tool in Japan, where it has captured a 91% market share and is used by leading advertisers and agencies including Rakuten and Dentsu, saving them more than 50% of work hours.

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