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MindHandle Launches Partnership with Frost Bank

Dallas Agency Positions Employee Communication at the Forefront to Create Brand Champions
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MindHandle, an Employment Branding Agency that focuses on recruiting, retention and engagement, is partnering with Texas-based Frost as its employment branding agency of record. MindHandle will work hand-in-hand with Frost to develop, refine and promote the Frost culture with its 4,700 employees across more than 150 financial centers.

“Frost has always put long-term customer relationships at the forefront of its business, and we will amplify their culture of integrity, caring and excellence with its employees across the state of Texas,” said Eric Harris, CEO of MindHandle. “Our leadership team will build an employee-first approach so Frost can focus on recruiting the right people, retaining top performers and engaging employees to do their best.”

Given the rapid pace the workforce is changing, at its core, MindHandle creates advertising-quality campaigns that target employees, increasing engagement and aligning internal communication. This results in a reduction in employee turnover costs, faster onboarding for new employees and an elevation in brand advocacy, in turn,  creating brand champions. And in conjunction with National Employee Appreciation Day, Frost and MindHandle will celebrate this partnership as they prioritize Frost employees.

“MindHandle is a trailblazer in employee branding, and we are thrilled to partner with a team that has the same vision and passion to ensure our employees are brand champions,” said Ericka Pullin, Executive Vice President, Research and Strategy at Frost. “We look forward to building an even stronger employee foundation with the support of MindHandle.”

MindHandle will orchestrate a multi-layered employee branding approach with Frost that will include: articulating a brand storyline and creative campaigns, streamlining and implementing recruiting communications, providing retention strategies, employee journey maps and general enhancements to employee communications programs.

“The best cultures are products of persistent and consistent messages over time. When internal communications are deliberately planned and patiently maintained, the results can be magical,” said Maria Colaluca, Head of Digital Marketing at MindHandle. “We are honored to work directly with Frost to bring that magic to life inside the company.”

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