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Mindtree Named Market Leader in Digital Transformation by ISG

Next-Gen ADM Services Archetype Report Highlights Mindtree's Dedication to Digital Business
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Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, has been recognized by ISG as an archetype leader in digital transformation. The ISG Provider Lens Next-Gen ADM Services Archetype Report highlights Mindtree’s capabilities in continuous testing, agile development, digital business dedication and vision and future investment martech news.

ISG analysts specifically noted Mindtree’s capabilities in digital transformation. The reporMindtree Named Market Leader in Digital Transformation by ISGt also describes the company as a noteworthy player in leveraging packaged software platforms and managed services. Mindtree’s leadership recognition stems from its capabilities in agile development, where 65 percent of its staff are trained in Scrum, 15 percent in SAFe and 10 percent in Kanban. Additionally, Mindtree’s dedicated digital business unit supports more than 100 clients across cloud, automation, mobility and AI martech.

As a proof point to Mindtree’s continued dedication and investment in digital transformation, the report highlights the company’s Digital Pumpkin ideation center to help clients develop and refine innovative digital solutions, accelerators and tools.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Next-Gen Application Development & Maintenance Services Archetype Report assesses service providers based on their capabilities to augment traditional ADM services with emerging technologies and methodologies — like agile, DevOps, automation, digital and modernization techniques — to deliver application outsourcing projects. It also assesses provider capabilities in incorporating new approaches to develop and deliver applications that focus on business outcomes.

“Our ability to deliver business-driving digital transformation services to our clients is a big differentiator for us,” said Manas Chakraborty, Global Head of Enterprise Service Lines for Mindtree. “Being recognized by ISG for our dedication and ability to support a wide variety of organizations with their digital initiatives is further evidence of this. We look forward to helping our customers excel in their business journeys.”

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