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MiQ announces a new shopper intelligence solution, Consumer Link

Reaching 90% of U.S. households, Consumer Link gives marketers a 360-degree view of shoppers to drive programmatic planning, activation, and measurement strategies

In 2023, CPG marketers face many hurdles to find and engage their ideal shoppers. Today, global programmatic media partner MiQ announced a new shopper intelligence solution, Consumer Link, built to help CPG brands navigate a fragmented programmatic ecosystem without compromising on audience insights and personalization.

Consumer Link integrates permissioned transaction, media consumption, geo-contextual, and behavioral data into a future-proofed data spine allowing marketers to create campaigns that are more personalized at every step of a shopper’s journey. Reaching 90% of US households across the open and closed web, Consumer Link gives marketers an invaluable 360-degree view of shoppers for more intelligent planning, activation, and measurement of programmatic campaigns.

Consumer Link simplifies a complex programmatic ecosystem into a single access point and drives both CPG-brand and shopper marketing-level campaign results for greater confidence in marketing ROI.

“Shopper data has become increasingly complex – fragmented across platforms as a result of retail media networks, inaccessible behind walled gardens, and challenged by privacy considerations,” said Erin Madorsky, U.S. Chief Strategy Officer for MiQ. “In spite of this, the pressure for CPG marketers to identify and understand their shoppers – both online and in-store, maximize every dollar spent in reaching them, and prove bottom-line impact – has reached critical mass. No matter what shopper segment marketers are after, finding them is increasingly dependent on smart, strategic combinations of screens, data, and creative – and that’s exactly where Consumer Link comes in.”

Consumer Link is powered by shoppers’ permissioned transaction data combined with MiQ’s best-in-industry TV intelligence and retailer-level data, as well as nearly 100 additional data feeds already available in MiQ’s campaign planning interface, Hub. In one single platform, marketers have access to unparalleled shopper intelligence that connects their online, offline, TV, and out-of-home campaigns to reach, influence, and drive purchases across any geographic level, whether online or in-store.

This rich data includes insights on:

  • Shopper TV Intelligence: Allows marketers to understand TV viewing habits of current or competitors’ shoppers for smarter CTV campaign planning.
  • Shopper Intelligence: MiQ’s shopping intelligence enables marketers to understand customers at a granular level and personalize messaging based on the unique relationship they have to the brand.
  • Merchant Intelligence: Better inform e-commerce and in-store activations, and capture store-level performance to know exactly where to drive customers.

MiQ’s agnostic approach to partners delivers more data, more platforms, more channels, and more inventory than any single-solution partner, ensuring marketers can activate omnichannel campaigns that are optimized for any commerce oriented outcome.

On Thursday, May 11 at 2 p.m. EDT, MiQ will host a panel with marketing and data experts from Roundel, Mindshare, Publicis and iBotta to discuss the challenges CPG marketers face today and how a solution like Consumer Link enables smarter, more effective advertising. Panelists will include Katie Pretti, VP, commerce media, Publicis Commerce; Kristen Corbisiero, Global Strategy Partner, Director, Mindshare; Chelsea Mohs, Director, performance and insights, Roundel; and Andy Haversack, Senior Director, data partnerships at iBotta.

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