Mirakl Joins Adobe Exchange Partner Program for eCommerce growth

Mirakl becomes Premier Partner in Adobe Exchange Partner Program to power eCommerce growth for enterprises across industries, worldwide
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Mirakl, the industry’s first and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform, today announced that it has joined the Adobe Exchange Partner Program as a Premier Partner. The new partnership builds upon the existing integration between Mirakl and Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, which counts dozens of leading enterprises as joint customers, and further equips Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers with the technology, expertise and ecosystem to build and operate enterprise marketplaces at scale.

“Today’s commerce landscape is defined by hyper-efficient business models, rapidly changing trends and a consumer-driven need for expanded assortments and constant availability,” said Art Boyd, senior vice president of growth partnerships for Mirakl. “Collaboration and innovation are key to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring that customer needs are met, and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce this new relationship between Mirakl and Adobe. By becoming a Premier Partner in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, Mirakl is bringing a new level of expertise to Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers as they launch and scale marketplaces that not only compete but lead in the digital age.”

In the age of anything, anytime, anywhere, the enterprise marketplace model offers organizations the ability to go beyond their shelves and find complementary and in-demand products that drive sales. With Mirakl and Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source, enterprises are equipped with the technology, expertise and ecosystem needed to capitalize on the marketplace opportunity.

Customers using Mirakl and Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source together gain access to industry-leading eCommerce solutions that, when combined, help them serve customers better and adapt their business to lead in the changing eCommerce landscape. Notable benefits of launching an enterprise marketplace with Mirakl and Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source include:

  • Accelerate time to market: Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers can leverage pre-built integrations to launch a Mirakl-powered marketplace in days and quickly onboard marketplace sellers by combining Mirakl’s leading enterprise marketplace SaaS platform with Adobe’s widely adopted cloud ecosystem.
  • Operate your enterprise marketplace at scale: The Mirakl Marketplace Platform enables Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers to quickly and dramatically expand their online product offerings, reach new buyers, and develop customer loyalty through improved availability and broader assortment.
  • Tap into expertise developed through the implementation and optimization of 300+ enterprise marketplaces: Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers that launch marketplaces powered by Mirakl gain access to Mirakl’s industry-leading marketplace expertise and ecosystem of partners, ultimately accelerating their opportunities for profitable marketplace growth.  

“Modern eCommerce requires speed and flexibility to keep up with evolving trends and maintain customer loyalty,” said Nik Shroff, senior director of global technology partners at Adobe. “An  efficient way to achieve this agility is by building a marketplace that relies on an array of third-party sellers and partners. We look forward to further working with Mirakl to bring their marketplace technology and expertise to Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers, so they can thrive in the marketplace economy.”

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