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Mobvista Subsidiary, Mintegral, Announces Q3 2022 Revenue Results


Mobvista, a leading marketing technology platform, today announced its Q3 2022 financial results for the Group’s programmatic ad subsidiary, Mintegral. Mintegral has recorded a revenue of $199.3 million, representing an increase of 24.55% compared to the third quarter of 2021 ($160 million).

Despite industry and macro-environment challenges, Mintegral has made significant efforts towards profitability and profitability and strengthening its advertising platform through algorithm optimization, ad placement refinement, expanding high-quality traffic, and improving the efficiency of cloud computing resources usage.

Additionally, Mintegral’s client growth and retention have followed an upward trend. Mintegral’s advertiser retention rate was 89.72%, with a 37.16% increase in new advertisers. The monetization business also saw a 95.18% publisher retention rate, with the growth of new publishers up 15.79%, and the number of apps increased by 23.63%.

Mintegral’s stronghold in the industry has also been highlighted through various industry performance reports. According to the 15th edition of the “Performance Index” released by AppsFlyer, a leading mobile attribution company, Mintegral ranked in the top 3 in the global all-categories retention index for iOS and Android, behind Google Ads and Meta for Android and was one of the most powerful third-party advertising platforms. In addition, Mintegral remained focused on regional markets and was listed in the game indices of 11 different regional markets.

“As a core business of the Mobvista family, Mintegral continues to solidify as a top player in the industry,” said Erick Fang, CPO of Mobvista. “Despite the macro-environmental conditions, we continue to provide a full stack of ad solutions to our developer partners. Our recent performance across third-party reports such as AppsFlyer and Tenjin is a testament to this.”

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