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MomentFeed Brings Four Major Proximity Marketing Innovations

Platform enhancements help multi-location digital marketers rise to the top in proximity search and harness customer sentiment from online reviews in an actionable way
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MomentFeed, the leading provider of Proximity Search Optimization, today announced the release of four fully-integrated platform enhancements that enable multi-location marketers to improve brand performance and win the proximity “near me” search battle.

MomentFeed’s best-in-class Customer Sentiment Analysis solution analyzes and classifies everything being said about a brand on the most popular review platforms including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. Powered by a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) model that was built on Google’s AI model, MomentFeed is able to present a very accurate picture of customer sentiment so marketers can pinpoint trends and opportunities for improved service, business operations, and revenue.

“Artificial intelligence has advanced exponentially over the past couple of years,” said Nick Hedges, CEO of MomentFeed. “Our top priority when developing this capability was to make sure we brought the very best Sentiment Analysis tool to market that could truly discern the context of consumer feedback. Our model applies contextual accuracy and industry-specific logic to know when ‘cool soup’ is cold or if it tastes good. This level of sophistication is what digital marketers have been missing and what they need to monitor issues and successes at a glance, at all of their locations — ultimately improving their customers’ experience.”

The MomentFeed platform has also been enhanced with:

  • Automated Review Response that provides a new, intelligent way to automate personalized responses to no-comment reviews.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool that automatically surfaces keyword suggestions and dynamic keyword density scoring for improved proximity search ranking.
  • Expansion Network in conjunction with MomentFeed’s Core Listings, our Expansion Network provides direct, real-time connections to the best, most authoritative, most visited directories.


Competition for local search rank is heating up, especially when it comes to unbranded proximity searches like “grocery store near me” or “coffee.” Today, MomentFeed adds to its position as the ONLY platform that optimizes all five proximity search signals needed to consistently show up in the Google 3-Pack, increasing digital marketers’ local marketing effectiveness:

The most powerful, accurate, easy-to-act-upon Sentiment Analysis tool in the industry

MomentFeed’s Sentiment Analysis tool lets multi-location brands harness sentiment across all locations and drill down on actionable factors by location. MomentFeed uses a Neuro-Linguistics model built with industry-specific data models to provide an accurate summary of how a brand’s customers are feeling.

What is truly game changing, though, is how the tool delivers insights that are otherwise invisible to businesses. State-of-the-art models extract insights from a large set of reviews quickly and accurately. The tool transforms unstructured, hard to analyze information into quantifiable and actionable data.

With a glance, marketers can understand sentiment for the business as a whole, for specific topics, and broken down by each of their locations. Tracking where the brand is doing well or not so well, enables digital marketers to easily activate their operations team around areas of improvement. It also helps the marketer spot emerging trends that could spark new ideas for products and services.

The most intelligent way to answer more reviews online

Automated Review Response provides a fast, intelligent way to produce a higher volume of personalized responses. More than half of all reviews are just star-ratings without an actual review. Because of resource constraints, most businesses ignore no-comment reviews, especially if they are neutral to positive. This is not only a missed opportunity for customer engagement, it’s also a missed opportunity to help boost a brand’s proximity search rankings since Google looks favorably on businesses that reply to all of their reviews.

Response rate and speed of response have a material impact on Google’s algorithm, and MomentFeed provides automated review responses that include context and personalization in a way that is 100% impossible to tell that the response is automated.

The only tool that automatically surfaces keywords suggestions

Keyword Suggestions from MomentFeed introduces a new way for marketers to always have the highest-ranking keywords at hand. It automatically prompts the writer with keyword recommendations and dynamic keyword density scoring to help improve a brand’s proximity search ranking. The savviest multi-location brands are focused on growing their share of voice for the proximity discovery keywords that matter most in their category. And more specifically, they are focused on Google, which accounts for 93 percent of the mobile search market in the U.S.

The entire team, marketer, franchise owner, or store operator, can now leverage keyword recommendations that boosts a brand’s local visibility – whether they’re writing a review response on Yelp; posting to Google, Instagram or Facebook, or updating their business listings.

Direct connections with the most used, most influential networks

MomentFeed is offering a new Expansion Listings network that works alongside its Core network to provide direct, real-time connections to the best, most authoritative, most visited sites. The conventional quantity over quality approach to listings, forces brands to pay for discovery networks they don’t want or need. With MomentFeed, brands no longer have to waste resources paying for the directories Google doesn’t crawl and that their customers no longer visit. Instead, brands are better served with direct, real-time connections on the sites that matter in improving proximity search ranking.

In conjunction with the Expansion Network, MomentFeed redesigned its listings management user interface. The new management capabilities provide brands with more control over their listings with at-a-glance status transparency and hyperlinks to verify publication across all the networks to which a customer is subscribed. This ensures that when Google crawls the web and compares listing and directory data, MomentFeed data is always complete, accurate, and consistent, a critical factor in local SEO ranking. Additionally, customers will always be met with accurate information about the business, wherever they search.

“MomentFeed’s commitment to provide the best single platform for proximity search optimization, springs from the understanding that today’s consumers make purchase decisions based on proximity, immediacy, and convenience,” said Hedges. “Our recent product enhancements are the latest in a series of game-changing advancements that solidify MomentFeed’s reputation as the innovation leader in the space. It would be difficult to match the pace at which we’re adding powerful, unique platform capabilities to give our clients a sizable and sustainable edge in proximity search.”

These purpose built innovations come on the heels of the summer launch of MomentFeed’s Proximity Search Optimization Dashboard, that allows multi-location brands to easily monitor and manage how well their local marketing efforts are performing. With these powerful platform enhancements, multi-location brands can take action to improve reviews, positively influence proximity search rank, and ultimately improve customer loyalty and retention.

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