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Mood, New Mobile App Lets Users Track How They Feel, With One Tap

Launching during Mental Health Awareness Month, Mood is Now Available on iOS and Android: “Mood - See How You Feel.”
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People today track everything: their heart rate, steps, weight, etc. But never how they feel. A person’s mood is rarely recorded and often forgotten, making it difficult to take charge of one’s mental well-being. Introducing Mood, a new mobile app launching today that lets users track their mood with one tap a day. This deceptively simple yet innovative digital tool tracks a user’s daily mood and visualizes it through color.

Mood was invented by Gareth Dauncey, a Welsh architect specializing in low-impact design and adaptive reuse of historic buildings. Dauncey created Mood after years of spreading himself too thin. Things hadn’t felt right for a while so Dauncey started recording how he felt each day with a calendar and colored pens. Over weeks and months he started to gain a new perspective that helped him take charge of his mental well-being.

“What sets Mood apart is its simplicity,” said Dauncey. “A simple question – How do you feel today? – and a beautifully simple way of visualizing the answer can have a potentially life-changing impact. Seeing the big picture brings self-awareness that can help us decide how to take control. The goal is for Mood to become the standard method for tracking and visualizing how you feel.”

Trust is also taken seriously. Mood is 100% PRIVATE and a user’s data cannot be seen, shared, tracked, or sold.

How Mood works:

Users select a color and set a daily reminder. When prompted, users tap a shade of that color to represent their mood for the day. The lighter the mood, the lighter the shade. It only takes one tap a day and is done without ever having to open the app. Each new entry adds to the picture or “mood stack” that shows the user how they feel over weeks, months, and years.

Mood was designed and built in collaboration with brand consultancy Red & Co. The app has received endorsements from well-known public figures including comedian and bestselling author Ruby Wax, who referenced Mood in her latest book, “A Mindfulness Guide for Survival”; and The DO Lectures co-founder David Hieatt.

“Once in a blue moon, an app makes you wonder why no one has ever done it before,” said Hieatt. “Measuring your mood seems so obvious now that I’ve used the Mood app. Kudos. This will help a lot of people measure how they really feel. And that’s important. Because when we can measure it, we can manage it.”

Mood is available for download in the App Store and Google Play for $.99 a month. For each download, one copy of Mood will be donated to an organization helping people with their mental well-being.

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