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Moveworks and Wipro Partner

The partnership offers customers a cost-effective IT solution that delivers the quality, personalized experience employees expect

Moveworks, the leader in conversational AI for the enterprise, today announced its partnership with Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading technology services and consulting company. The joint solutions enabled by the partnership allow customers to transform their IT departments from cost centers to strategic assets. These joint solutions provide a scalable, cost-effective IT solution that improves both operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Employees submit, on average, 1.1 IT tickets per month, with a typical wait time of 3 days before they’re resolved. For large enterprises, this has a serious impact on employee productivity and the overall bottom line. As it turns out, 60% of these tickets are extremely routine for service desk agents — like resetting passwords, providing access to software, following up with employees, and more. The Moveworks and Wipro partnership aims to eliminate this problem altogether with the help of AI.

“While employee experience is at the forefront of digital workplace transformation in the hybrid model of work, driving digital imperatives for enterprises with a focus on personalization and human-digital augmentation is key,” said Jo Debecker, Senior Vice President & Global Head, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Wipro Limited. “This requires empowering employees with AI-powered contextualized, omni-channel support that is effective at point of need and promotes automation at scale. With our strategic partnership with Moveworks, we bring in advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms, collective intelligence, dynamic language core, deep semantic match engine and a probabilistic approach to decision-making. So, employees can focus on the bigger projects that drive the business forward.”

Employees simply chat with the Moveworks bot within their existing messaging tool — like Microsoft Teams or Slack. The Moveworks bot then uses hundreds of machine learning and natural language understanding models to resolve issues instantly. And, if the bot can’t resolve it autonomously, Moveworks routes the request to the appropriate service desk agent for accelerated support. Wipro’s deep industry knowledge and domain expertise in the digital workplace complements these deep AI and machine learning capabilities.

Wipro offers businesses the scalable service desk experience required for businesses to keep up with growing IT demand. Together, the partnership offers employees a simple, streamlined IT experience. And, it saves businesses a significant amount of time, money, and resources that were previously dedicated to keeping up with increasing demand.

“Businesses are stuck between a rock and a hard place,” said Bhavin Shah, CEO of Moveworks. “A positive employee experience remains critical for running a successful business, but the looming recession means there is more pressure than ever to improve operational efficiency. Our partnership with Wipro gives businesses the best of both worlds. Not only do customers get best-in-class support for their employees, they’ll also increase productivity and have access to the insights they need to improve operational efficiency as a result.”

Clients of Moveworks and Wipro have already greatly reduced their service desk costs, as well as their mean time to resolution (MTTR) for employee issues — including some of the top manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and technology vendors from around the world. And, because Moveworks’ machine learning models continuously learn over time, these numbers will only continue to improve.

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