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mPulse Creates Ongoing Momentum and Revenue Growth in Q3 2023

mPulse continues to address growing market demand for innovative healthcare engagement solutions tailored to hard-to-reach populations.

mPulse, a leader in conversational AI and digital engagement solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced strong momentum and growth year over year in Q3 2023 with 34% new and upsell revenue growth. This progress is driven by the company’s new platform licenses for omnichannel engagement and programs that drive outcomes for hard-to-reach populations across more than 220 leading healthcare organizations.

This past quarter, mPulse hosted its annual Activate2023 conference with over 200 participants across the healthcare ecosystem. The theme of this year’s programming was focused on the need to combine innovative technology, novel data, and creative digital content that create consumer journeys that demonstratively improve health equity.

At the conference, mPulse presented the company’s new generative AI capabilities that deploy large language models (LLMs) to interpret consumer messages and stage responses for health plan support staff to utilize in member communication. mPulse technology leaders led discussions on the utilization of generative AI models and the role they play alongside determinist language models for a range of digital engagement applications.

“Generative AI is poised to disrupt the healthcare space,” said Sanjeev Sawai, mPulse’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “With the rapid adoption of this technology, we need to consider how it may impact the way individuals seek out or follow through on their care to leverage it safely and responsibly. We are glad to help spearhead these important conversations at events like Activate. Honest, transparent discussion is an important step toward developing this technology in ways that ensure patient privacy and equitable health outcomes. mPulse is on the forefront of using Generative AI in healthcare digital engagement solutions.”

Healthcare organizations are highly focused on applying generative AI capabilities across the ecosystem as they also weigh the value of these solutions against the complexity of deploying them. In a research report, U.S. Payer and Provider CIOs: Apply AI in Care Management Programs, Gartner ® outlines the role AI solutions can play in supporting AI strategies and lists mPulse as a representative vendor.

mPulse Mobile recently completed a survey of healthcare executives assessing the focus of their health equity strategies and the challenges they are facing. The survey report highlights the most common areas of focus for health equity strategies: improving access, leveraging digital outreach and capturing data, and managing data completeness around race, ethnicity, and language. The results indicate that healthcare executives face common barriers when implementing health equity initiatives, including connecting members to resources, the availability of actionable data and access to funds overall.

“We are at a crossroads, as emerging AI technologies are showing very real potential to drive progress in health equity initiatives,” said Bob Farrell, CEO of mPulse Mobile. “We are constantly collaborating with innovative healthcare leaders who recognize the importance of technology-driven engagement programs that best serve hard-to-reach populations. There is an urgent need to deliver innovative solutions that address health equity barriers at scale. Our partnerships with leading healthcare systems continue to drive our growth and support our mission of improving individual healthcare outcomes.”

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