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MTA360 enters into an exclusive agreement with BLUE HAWK

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First-of-its-Kind “GROW WITH BLUE” Program Delivers Distinct and Proven Website and SEO Technologies to HVACR Contractors to Generate High-Quality Low-Cost Leads, Win Business, and Drive Overall Cooperative Ecosystem

MTA360, MarTech’s 2021 Top Google Marketing provider serving the home improvement, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR), and related industries, announced today it has entered into an exclusive agreement with BLUE HAWK, the nation’s leading cooperative for independent HVACR wholesalers, to deliver industry-tailored digital marketing programs. MTA360 will help drive demand for BLUE HAWK’s 200-plus HVACR distributor member-owners, especially downstream independent contractors, through the arrangement.

MTA360 specializes in HVACR industry-specific SEO-ready websites, AI Chat, and search optimization programs designed to increase online visibility, generate real business, and accelerate growth, which is particularly important during the economic downturn.

Through this first-of-its-kind industry program, MTA360 will offer proven digital marketing strategies, services, and technologies to BLUE HAWK members and their contractor partners across the cooperative’s ecosystem. In this first-time deal, MTA360’s offer includes building a new, from-scratch WordPress website — and every two years building a brand new updated website at no additional charge — as well as a month of complimentary services, 5% off the list price, and 12 months free access to two core technology tools: Review Software and AI Website Chat.

“We are pleased to partner with MTA360 to bring its proven digital marketing expertise to our member-owners and their customers,” said Lance Rantala, CEO of BLUE HAWK. “As we head into the economic downturn, it is crucial that we invest in cost-effective strategies to weather the storm, and be well positioned afterward. We believe MTA360’s services will benefit our members, their contractor partners, and the entire BLUE HAWK cooperative model to remain front-and-center for HVACR repairs and new equipment to meet residential and commercial needs.”

“As a digital marketing expert in the niche space of HVACR, we are thrilled to be a BLUE HAWK Solution Partner and to assist its members and members’ contractor partners with digital marketing solutions that work,” said Jack Nagy, president of MTA360. “When a consumer needs or wants HVAC services, they take to googling, and nothing has worked better to drive our clients’ businesses than SEO. Our fully engaged clients enjoy an average cost per lead in the $25 range compared with the industry average of $300.”

Proven MTA360 Digital Technologies

MTA360 designs and develops highly effective SEO-ready websites from scratch using proprietary technology with no templates or themes, which can get in the way of search engine rankings. The company’s SEO strategies are industry-specific with built-it natural backlink creation, which is a significant factor in enhancing site ranking, especially on Google. The firm uses proprietary technology to easily drive updates across its customers’ websites and provides full-service hosting and support with quick-turn content updates.

Thousands of home improvement contractors are reaping the benefits of MTA360’s solution including the firm’s distinct AI Chat and Review Software tools to generate new leads and improve conversion ratios. The two technologies go hand-in-hand, but can be utilized independently if desired. The review software makes it easy to generate positive customer reviews, which are important to SEO and increasing website traffic. The AI Chat feature enables 24/7 customer support, allows for easy human interruption when desired, and, on average, converts 60% of chats to leads.

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