Digital Asset Management

myPV IQ™ Improves Data Quality for Asset Management Integration

digital asset management

In the PV Solar industry, consistent, real-time energy generation and performance tracking is essential for optimization, maintenance, safety, and maximizing profit margins. Legacy monitoring systems are typically cloud-based, requiring uninterrupted internet connectivity. Any communication interruptions create data gaps resulting in hours of manual assessment and analysis to fill in the blanks.

Recently, a global renewable energy asset management company highlighted myPV IQ™ as a newly supported way to import performance data into their own technology platform. The seamless integration resulted in immediate improvements to data quality, which had been crippling effective management of legacy systems.

In 2015, Solar Operations Solutions, LLC began developing myPV IQ™, a monitoring and control platform easily integrated into retrofits or new construction. Throughout development, Solar-Ops used this emerging software for their professional O&M services. In 2019, myPV IQ™ was deployed to customer sites in 11 US states and Brazil. myPV IQ™ has 300MW of active installations and 1GW planned for PV solar and PV+Storage facilities.

myPV IQ™ provides real-time data for technicians, high-resolution 1-minute-interval data for trending, comprehensive views of connected equipment, and custom reporting for download or integration with RESTful JSON Web API, Modbus TCP, and OPC UA, and more. It virtually eliminates onerous spreadsheet analysis, providing simplified reporting from pre-aggregated Key Performance Indicators.

“Many solar facilities are built without long-term monitoring strategies. myPV IQ™ brings superior communications, data logging and analysis, alarming/reporting/security, and API support for IT and SCADA integration,” says Brad Micallef, Managing Director of Solar Operations Solutions, LLC.

Uniquely positioned, myPV IQ™ resides on-site – securely behind the network firewall, requiring no internet access for normal monitoring. Access to historical data and store-forward capabilities ensure seamless reporting once connection interruptions resolve.

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