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Namogoo and Ometria Launch a New Partnership


Namogoo, the world’s first Digital Journey Continuity platform, announced today a new partnership with Ometria, a leading customer data and marketing platform. The new partnership and integration will enable Ometria’s global customers to access and use Namogoo’s unique, commerce-oriented data points and segments, as well as their intent prediction engine, to create personalized marketing experiences at every touchpoint, all in real-time.

Today, Namogoo’s segments are built on 1.5 Billion unique monthly visitors of leading e-commerce brands in both the U.S. and Europe. These data points and segments are based on non-personal data and do not rely on cookies and visitor history. This is especially important for both first-time visitors and anonymous visitors, which constitute 75% of online shoppers today.

Namogoo’s platform collects data from a visitor’s device and their journeys and then segments the visitors into real-time segments. The proprietary Machine Learning technology predicts the intent by learning from each visitor’s unique signals and digital behavior, empowering enterprises to act on their intent and ensure online shoppers complete their journeys.

“We’ve proven great value to our customers using the data Namogoo collects, our real-time prediction capabilities and the volumes of data our engines train on. We are happy to collaborate with our partners at Ometria, a pioneering customer data and experience platform, enabling their customers to enrich their first-party data with our unique data, segments and predictions to deliver more accurate and personalized customer journeys at scale”, says Ohad Greenshpan, Co-founder and CTO of Namogoo.

“The world of retail is rapidly evolving as traditional methods of marketing are no longer as effective as they once were,” said Djalal Lougouev, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Ometria. “To deliver experiences that customers expect, retail brands must process and action millions of data points in real-time. The ability to harness relevant data with Namogoo will create value-based, timely, and relevant messages. Most importantly, it will drive better engagement for customers, deepening their loyalty to brands they love.”

Providing personalized customer experiences is paramount in today’s saturated e-commerce landscape. Understanding how each and every visitor behaves and what they need to push their journeys forward is vital to acquiring new customers, building brand loyalty, and generating revenue. Namogoo’s partnership and integration with Ometria provide an in-depth view on visitor behavior, allowing brands to better understand their online audiences so they can take immediate, data-driven action.

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