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Native ads platform, Outbrain launches new ad product

New ad product enables app marketers to tap into the potential of premium publishers and the open web
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Outbrain, the world’s leading discovery and native advertising platform for the open web, today announced the launch of a new ad product helping app marketers to tap into the full potential of the open web cost-effectively.

Performance at scale has long been a challenge for marketers looking for alternatives to the walled gardens, particularly given the potential audience and premium environments of the open web. Since its Beta launch in June, Outbrain’s App Install Smartad™ has been shown to drive higher conversion at a lower cost, with conversion rates up to 90% higher than standard native advertisements, at a reduced Cost-Per-Acquisition.

The ad format’s new elements combined with targeting from Outbrain’s proprietary contextual and interest targeting allow mobile app marketers to reach the highest-value users for their business with an improved ad experience, increasing return on ad spend, and lifetime value.

Outbrain’s App Install Smartad now enables marketers to promote their apps to over 1 billion people in the trusted environments of the world’s most premium publishers. Marketers can now effectively optimize towards cost-per-install and other key performance indicators less commonly available for open web campaigns and traditional display environments. Outbrain’s App Install Smartad™ features several new elements, including logo, CTA button, and interactive GIFs, creating a more seamless and engaging experience. It joins Outbrain’s Performance Smartad solutions suite: Outbrain’s native advertising formats powered by proprietary targeting using Outbrain’s interest graph data.

Eytan Galai, Outbrain’s Chief Revenue Officer: “For the first time, we’re giving app advertisers a way to profitably grow their businesses outside of social networks. This new format is part of Outbrain’s initiative to offer new and innovative ad experiences across our premium publisher network, driven by the evolving needs of our advertisers through 2020 and beyond.”

This latest release demonstrates Outbrain’s commitment to innovation with ad products, targeting, and optimization tools that address the needs of marketers looking to diversify their media mix beyond social media and user-generated content sites, like the walled gardens, where concerns around hate speech and conspiracy-mongering have been raised.

“We have always been committed to a free and open web and will continue our efforts to support publishers and advertisers who turn toward that channel to maintain a healthy and prolific revenue stream outside of the technology giants of Google and Facebook,” says Galai.

The App Install Smartad™ is available today to all app marketers. To learn more about how you can launch your next app campaign on Outbrain, visit Outbrain’s Dashboard or connect with a member of Outbrain’s Client Services team here.

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