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Native Advertising Firm Outbrain Releases Conversion Bid Strategy

The new auto-optimization solution enables marketers to maximize conversions within a budget, hit a specific Cost Per Action goal or within a Cost Per Click range
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Outbrain, the world’s leading discovery and native advertising platform on the open web, today announced the expansion of Conversion Bid Strategy, part of Outbrain’s suite of optimization tools. With three modes available, Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) allows marketers to seamlessly optimize towards their target Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA). CBS ensures campaigns are automatically optimized towards the highest performing inventory and audiences for specific campaign goals, removing the manual work typically needed to ensure marketers achieve the best results possible.

“In this digital age, marketers have no time to waste endlessly tinkering with campaigns. Conversion Bid Strategy is hyper-focused on optimization for higher performance, with CPA reductions of up to -49%, ensuring automating conversions is one less worry,” said Eytan Galai, Chief Revenue Officer at Outbrain. “With an easy-to-use experience built directly into Outbrain’s dashboard, we’ve made it easier for marketers to reach their goals faster, saving them from the manual effort.”

  • Conversion Bid Strategy is available to marketers in a trifecta of modes, based on campaign objectives.
  • Target Cost-Per-Acquisition: Target CPA works to keep campaigns profitable by prioritizing cost per acquisition rather than budget.
  • Fully-Automatic CBS: With this mode enabled, Outbrain’s technology will optimize marketer campaigns to achieve the highest number of conversions possible within budget.
  • Semi-Automatic CBS: This hybrid CBS mode optimizes traffic toward top-converting publisher sections while allowing marketers to maintain control over various aspects of campaign set up.

“Outbrain’s proprietary machine-learning and sophisticated modeling continually adapt to the behaviors and conversion patterns of internet users who are consuming content across the Outbrain network,” said Ori Lahav, Chief Technical Officer at Outbrain. “If you’ve created the most engaging content, strategically targeted your audience, but you’re not improving your Return-on-Ad-Spend, even the best campaigns won’t be enough to reach your goals without the correct Conversion Bid Strategy implementation. With CBS, we’re simplifying the experience for marketers by letting Outbrain take on the heavy lifting.”

Schubkraft, a lead generation service in Germany, tested Fully-Automated Conversion Bid Strategy to compare results to manually optimized campaigns. Early results show the addition of CBS to campaigns not only achieved a lower CPA but has already saved the Performance Marketing team 3.5 weekly hours, which was time previously spent managing manual optimizations.

The accelerated version of Conversion Bid Strategy is now available globally in the Outbrain dashboard. For more information, check out this article.

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