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New leadership for tcc global with appointment of joint CEOs

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tcc global, the global leader in retail loyalty marketing, today announces Rick Swinkels and Jörg Croseck as Joint-CEOs. They will take up their new posts from 1st August this year.

With this strategic shift of leadership structure, tcc global is championing an innovative and creative leadership style like many highly agile and entrepreneurial organisations.

Together, Swinkels and Croseck will ensure that the decades of loyalty and retail experience within tcc is focused to help craft the next generation of loyalty solutions and solve the many challenges facing retailers in the new era of loyalty.

“This will enable tcc global to be a truly customer-focused business that puts retailers at the heart of the solutions we develop. The seismic shifts in the retail industry increases pressure on retailers. Shoppers have near-infinite choice and so the need to better know them is the key to becoming more relevant and establishing stronger, personalised and emotional connections.” said Swinkels.

“Being a trusted partner today means that you need to have the expertise, network and resources to deliver. By putting clients at the heart of everything we do ensures that we focus on delivering on this promise,” said Croseck.

Both incoming CEOs share a united vision for tcc global and passion for its people, clients and industry.

They will divide leadership based on their respective professional skillsets. This will create a partner for retailers that is more agile, entrepreneurial, focused and able to respond to their needs in a complex world.

Rick Swinkels joined tcc global in early 2022 and his career is inseparably connected to the retail and shopper loyalty industry. He spent over 15 years at Albert Heijn, one of the world’s most successful and innovative retailers, where he was Global Vice President of Customer Loyalty, Data and Omnichannel retail. Following this he was a Board Member of Brand Loyalty before joining tcc as Chief Commercial Officer.

As Joint-CEO Swinkels will lead the Commercial arm of the business including the Brand and Licensing partners alongside the innovation-focused Omnichannel team.

Jörg Croseck, a 10-year tcc global veteran, has risen through the ranks making his way to his most recent position as Managing Director for Central Europe and Asia Pacific.

As Joint-CEO Croseck will take responsibility for the Operational leadership of the business.

Together they cement tcc global as the trusted partner for major retailers, brands and licenses seeking to navigate the ever changing, omnichannel retail landscape.

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