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New SMS Marketing Platform Launched Is Seeing Massive Growth

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In May of this year, Nurture Boss’s Co-Founders, Jacob Carter and Aaron Pierson, launched a new SMS marketing platform designed to service property managers & apartment owners in the multifamily space. is a powerful marketing platform that delivers personalized landing pages through SMS delivery, a new innovative approach to lead nurturing. Their proprietary technology has already attracted two of the top five property management companies and one of the largest apartment owners in America, to use their platform.

In addition to immediate product market fit in multifamily; Nurture Boss has also attracted angel investors and venture capitalists looking to get in on the ground floor of their new marketing platform and rapid growth trajectory. Nurture Boss reached their first milestone of investment capital within the first two months of starting the company.

“We’re grateful for all the early adopters who believe in our technology and have invested in our growth strategy. Aside from their capital, we’re equally excited about the strategic partnership we gain from working with other progressive and forward thinking companies,” says Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Aaron Pierson.

“It’s really exciting to see our platform gain product market fit so fast. Seeing the value and joy we bring to our customers is what it’s all about for us product people. We’re solving real problems with a solution that really works. Nurture Boss just makes sense,” says Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Jacob Carter.

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