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Newsroom AI launches Conversational Content Creation Platform Public

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Today, Newsroom AI, a London, UK– based content creation platform expands their technology portfolio with a new Conversational Content product under the name of Public.

The new offering complements the company’s flagship Stories creation suite, licensed by leading global creators such as The Guardian, Yahoo, Google, Seven West Media or Lonely Planet. The new platform launches with a renewed commitment to empower media organizations with the best-in-class commercial and editorial products, that help compete effectively for both user attention and advertiser revenue.

Public will allow creators to publish a new form of choose-your-own-adventure web experiences, allowing consumers to engage with editorial or brand-supported content over an interface that’s uniquely relevant and familiar to them through apps such as Whatsapp, Telegram or WeChat.

The company encourages creators to embrace a more direct, and conversational communication style to help build deeper and more meaningful bonds with an audience that’s routinely exhausted by today’s media and technology landscape.  The format  allows creators to step away from the one-size-fits-all model, and create experiences that branch out dynamically to reveal new chapters, media elements and other interactive components.

“Conversational Content is the right step for the millions of creators looking to push more personal and differentiated experiences to their subscribers, while acting mindfully with regards to user privacy and data protection. Whether it comes to guiding user’s attention through a story or making content recommendations, asking people about their preferences, rather than guessing them, simply makes a lot more sense” declared Mihai Fanache, CEO at Newsroom AI, the company behind Public.

The new platform addresses new use cases in the wider content-experiences universe, allowing creators to collect leads or user feedback, make dynamic content recommendations or drive product sales, without leaving the content pages.

Similar to the Stories offering, Conversations will be available for both editorial and commercial teams, welcoming a new range of editorial and commercial integrations, available through Public’s global network of publishers and solution providers.

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