Nfinite & Coresight Research announced findings of a new research

European Retailers Plan to Invest in Sophisticated Imagery Capabilities in the Future

Nfinite, the leader in next-generation visualization and e-commerce merchandising, partnering with Coresight Research, today announced findings of research that examined the differences in product imagery sophistication between brands and retailers in the United States and Europe. 

The study reveals that US retailers are utilizing more advanced product imagery than their European counterparts, with a higher proportion of US brands and retailers employing context-rich imagery (73% vs. 52%) and testing image performance (74% vs. 60%). However, European brands and retailers recognize the importance of utilizing these advanced imagery capabilities to resonate with consumers and plan to invest in them.

The success gap between US and European brands and retailers in utilizing 3D and CGI technologies can be attributed to the higher investment made by US brands and retailers in these areas (42% vs. 39%). This has enabled them to better leverage image customization, A/B testing, and immersive experiences in their business strategies. US brands and retailers are more likely to report significant benefits from these technologies, with 44% citing profitability as a key advantage, compared to only 28% of European retailers.

Lack of knowledge and partnerships can impact retailers’ success rates when using CGI for product visuals. 47% of European brands and retailers lack knowledge compared to 38% of their US counterparts, highlighting a need for education and better partnerships to achieve optimal results. 

“Technology innovation is critical to online retailers as they seek to connect with consumers, and those adopting CGI and 3D image creation are seeing results. Our research indicates that US brands and retailers are more willing to adopt and employ advanced product imagery technology, such as CGI, than their Western EU counterparts,” said Coresight CEO and founder Deborah Weinswig. “As a result, US brands and retailers are seeing more success with CGI across their online merchandising strategies. CGI and 3D image creation are critical for online product visualizations, and we are starting to see the real impact they can have on driving sales conversion, reducing the costs to create and manage product visuals, improving speed-to-market and reducing product returns.”

Despite the gap, both regions have similar plans for future investments in sophisticated imagery capabilities. European brands and retailers plan to invest more in interactive images than those in the US (65% vs. 48%). 

“Although there is a gap in product imagery sophistication between US and European retailers, both understand the significance of using more advanced imagery capabilities that appeal to consumers and ultimately convert,” said Nfinite founder and CEO Alexandre de Vigan. “As the retail industry continues to evolve, CGI and 3D image creation will become critical to achieving the level of engagement and interactivity consumers demand.”

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