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NICE recognized for European AI Product Innovation Industry Excellence

Leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recognized NICE in the 2024 Best Practices Awards

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced it has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2024 Best Practices New Product Innovation Award for its ongoing advancements in AI for Customer Experience (CX) solutions for businesses across Europe. Frost & Sullivan recognized NICE’s Enlighten portfolio, embedding innovative copilot capabilities to empower employees, supervisors, and CX leaders. Frost & Sullivan specifically highlighted NICE’s Enlighten Copilot which leverages purpose-built AI for CX to analyze organizations’ CX data in real-time to deliver actionable responses and content to employees and supervisors, enhance performance, and ultimately create a better employee experience (EX) and CX.

Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees for each award category before determining the final award recipient. The process involves a detailed assessment of best practices criteria across two dimensions for each nominated company, new product attributes and customer impact. NICE excels in many of the criteria in the AI product innovation space.

Frost & Sullivan highlighted one of NICE’s Enlighten customers, Republic Services, an industry-leading waste management company. After implementing NICE’s solutions, Republic Services achieved a 120% surge in coaching actions within three months and then a 33% improvement in customer sentiment within six months. With NICE’s CX AI solutions, Republic Services was able to pinpoint areas for improvement, empower its employees, reduce attrition rates, extend self-service capabilities, and elevate customer communication.

“NICE Enlighten AI and Interaction Analytics have given us the ability to cast a wide net to identify critical call types, while NICE Quality Management allows us to evaluate and act in ways that really move the needle,” said Morgan Gray, Senior Manager in CX Field Management, Republic Services.

Frost & Sullivan recognized NICE as an established global leader for CX AI technologies, with a strong track record of successful investments and a strategic vision, making AI a critical lever for achieving EX and CX excellence.

“Driving innovation and growth is a difficult task, made even harder by the strategic imperatives forcing change today, such as disruptive technologies, value chain compression, industry convergence, and new business models. In this context, NICE’s recognition signifies an even greater accomplishment,” said David Frigstad, Chairman, Frost & Sullivan.

In addition, NICE recently received Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Customer Value Leadership award for best in class in the North American AI-enhanced workforce optimization industry.

“Harnessing AI technology to improve and upskill the workforce in today’s evolving contact center workplace is a key objective in delivering excellent and consistent CX. NICE recognizes GenAI’s potential to help achieve this goal. Its NICE Enlighten Copilot solution provides supervisors with tools and actionable insights (e.g., data visualization dashboards) to manage agents and the overall contact center better, ensuring a consistent CX,” said Valentina Barcia, Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

Darren Rushworth, President, NICE International, said, “Enlighten, NICE’s purpose-built AI for CX, is having a tremendous impact across EMEA and the world. It can play a powerful role in organizations as both an assistant to employees and supervisors as well as a strategic guide to CX leaders, offering data-driven next-best actions to optimize CX operations and deliver on organizational goals. We are proud to receive this recognition from Frost & Sullivan, a testament to NICE’s mission of delivering cutting-edge technology that enables next-generation EX and CX.”

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