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Numbers Station announces early access to Cloud Analytics

Numbers Station Cloud’s full-stack solution enables enterprises of all sizes to query complex data securely and accurately via a conversational interface, making data and analytics available to a broad set of users.
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Today Numbers Station announced early access to its first cloud-based product, Numbers Station Cloud. The company’s full-stack AI platform applies large language models (LLMs), state-of-the-art automated knowledge curation, and a decade of AI research to take the complexity out of getting value from enterprise data. Numbers Station Cloud brings its proven enterprise grade platform to businesses of all sizes.

While LLMs excel at text generation, simply translating questions to SQL isn’t enough. Data requires a different, specialized approach. Enterprises recognize that data is one of their most valuable assets, and getting value from it has traditionally required analysts trained in necessary tools and methods to turn that data into actionable information. Numbers Station bridges that gap by putting a data analyst on everyone’s desktop. You can have a conversation with your data, describe your problem, and iterate until you have what you need–all in a managed full-stack AI platform and without needing to move your data.

Since its launch, the Numbers Station platform has resonated across industries. Financial services, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and other domains benefit from enhancing customer experience, optimizing financial strategies, and improving marketing campaigns. With Numbers Station they have streamlined decision-making processes by making data accessible, reliable and actionable for the people who need it most.

Fortune 500 companies use Numbers Station to inform top-level business decisions, ensuring efficiency and secure insights at the speed of their business. Jones Lang LaSalle, a Fortune 500 company managing over 4.6B square ft of commercial real estate, leverages the Numbers Station platform to tap into insights from millions of data points covering occupancy, energy efficiency leasing, sustainability risks and more.

Sharad Rastogi, CEO Work Dynamics Technology from Jones Lang LaSalle, highlights how the platform has supported its team’s efforts, “Numbers Station is at the cutting edge of enterprise AI for structured data. We are impressed by Numbers Station’s trusted and engaging platform. It continuously learns as we use it, enabling our data teams to discover and verify hypotheses for driving impactful business outcomes.”

Numbers Station Cloud introduces an intuitive, conversational interface that’s like chatting with your own personal analyst about data. It’s designed to comprehend and interpret your company’s unique jargon and your intent, providing a full-stack solution that encompasses everything from an optional database, AI, a user-friendly interface and more. With its interactive design you can access insights where the data lives and enhance enterprise workflows with the ability to manage verified metrics through its knowledge curation layer. The AI dynamically learns from each interaction taking into account user feedback, resulting in continual improvement in accuracy and understanding that benefits all users. Numbers Station prioritizes data security, ensuring that valuable enterprise data remains controlled and owned by the enterprise, and is never used to train models for other organizations.

This release not only marks a step forward in the evolution of data analytics, but also highlights the seamless fusion of cutting-edge AI research with practical, data-driven applications. Mark Nelson, former CEO of Tableau, captures the essence of this advancement, “Numbers Station’s ability to take their pioneering AI research from Stanford and seamlessly integrate it into the data-driven operations of a visionary organization such as Jones Lang LaSalle is an exciting step on the path to an AI-first analytics future.”

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