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BMC Solutions collaborates with industry leaders to boost CX & growth

Cloud-based BMC Helix and Control-M deliver mission-critical capabilities for today and set up future AI use cases for success

BMC, a global leader in software solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, has collaborated with industry leaders Domino’s Pizza, Sky Italia, and Balfour Beatty to improve their customers’ experience by supporting the speed and reliability requirements of today’s business, while also helping them prepare for future AI-enabled use cases.

Using the Control-M solution from BMC and the BMC Helix platform, these companies are better able to capitalize on DataOps and ServiceOps – the innovation capabilities enabled by Connected Digital Ops – allowing organizations to gain deeper insights from their data and exceed customer expectations faster across complex hybrid IT environments.

Services Delivered Reliably and Efficiently
As the largest pizza company in the world, serving millions of customers online and at 20,000+ stores in 90 global markets, Domino’s Pizza uses the Control-M solution from BMC to give their IT teams the robust operational capabilities and controls they need to ensure business services are delivered reliably and efficiently.

Since implementing the Control-M solution, Domino’s has:

  • Orchestrated 3,000 data pipelines
  • Improved its SLA performance
  • Achieved significant growth in data volume
  • Produced critical reports faster
  • Delivered new executive and franchisee reports
  • Successfully rolled out new business services

“Control-M is mission-critical to Domino’s data-driven culture. It’s going to play a key role in helping us continue to grow and deliver cutting-edge innovation,” says Deepti Soni, Senior IT Manager of Data Quality, Data Operations, and MLOps at Domino’s.

Boosted Customer Satisfaction and Doubled Growth
As a leading international infrastructure group based in the U.K. with capabilities that span construction and related support services, Balfour Beatty has fuelled productivity among their 24,500 employees and improved customer experiences across their IT service desk and lines of business using the BMC Helix ITSM and BMC Helix Digital Workplace solutions.

Since implementing solutions from BMC, Balfour Beatty has:

  • Freed up eight full-time employees from providing phone support services to instead focus on innovation and more interesting projects and activities
  • Boosted customer satisfaction scores
  • Automated 36,000 tickets, doubling year-over-year growth
  • Reduced incident resolution time year over year by 61%

Higher Customer Engagement and Faster Results
As a customer-centric organization, Sky Italia is always looking for innovative technologies to make the customer experience unique. Using the Control-M solution as an operating model to provide new levels of automation, speed, agility, efficiency, and stability for its winner selection process for its Sky Extra voting contests, Sky can execute the winner selection process in near real-time.

After implementing the Control-M solution, Sky has improved:

  • Speed and agility – The winner selection process in voting contests, which took three days before Control-M and now takes just two hours. The process is 90% faster.
  • 3x increase in contests – Customers are more engaged, as the winner is selected faster, and Sky now launches three contests each week, versus one before.
  • Operational risk and compliance management – The risk of errors has been reduced to near-zero, guaranteeing higher service quality, better service level agreements, and increased cost savings, with no additional checks.

“Every industry needs the technology to move their business faster than humanly possible – customers expect it, and with BMC AI-enabled capabilities, specifically GenAI, we can deliver,” said Ali Siddiqui, chief product officer at BMC. “I’m honoured that BMC partners with these innovative organizations in their digital business to capture the value of data and apply GenAI and automation to better their customers’ and employees’ experiences. I’m so conditioned now, I expect all my food to be delivered in 30 minutes or less!”

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