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Nuqleous launches DataCanvas For Spotlight


Nuqleous, a leader in big data and retail analytics, proudly announces the release of DataCanvas, a powerful new capability enhancing its flagship product, Spotlight. DataCanvas introduces automated, template-driven data management that significantly improves efficiency and precision to report generation and sharing.

Building on Spotlight’s comprehensive retail analytics capabilities, DataCanvas seamlessly integrates with Excel to empower category, sales, and supply chain teams with an innovative solution for automated report creation and immediate sharing of insights with their buyers and across their organizations– allowing users to leverage the power of the Spotlight platform while working within the excel environment they are familiar with.

Key Features of DataCanvas

  • Direct Excel Connectivity: Directly update pre-built Excel reports with the most up to date data.
  • Multi-Source Data Integration: Seamlessly combines multiple data sources into a single coherent framework within Spotlight, enabling users to draw more comprehensive insights from their data.
  • Automatic Data Updates: Reduces hours of data preparation by directly populating templates with updated data.
  • Automated Report Scheduling: Schedule custom Excel reports for daily, weekly, or monthly delivery, ensuring everyone gets the insights they need, when they need them.
  • Exceptional Report Precision: Spotlight’s data harmonization and management services ensure accurate and consistent data feeds, removing the need for manual data maintenance.
  • Effortless Data Sharing: Enhances collaboration by providing robust tools for instant and scheduled data and report sharing across teams, without the complexities often found in traditional data systems.

“DataCanvas not only extends the capabilities of Spotlight but also underscores our promise to continually push the boundaries of what our analytics can achieve,” said Bill Kloza, Co-President at Nuqleous. “We understand the challenges retail teams face with managing multiple datasets. DataCanvas addresses those challenges head-on, providing a streamlined solution that maximizes time efficiency and drives strategic decision-making.”

Benefits of DataCanvas

  • Accelerated Report Building: Facilitates faster insights by reducing the time from data collection to report generation, enabling rapid response to market changes.
  • Adaptable Reporting Tools: Accommodates diverse user preferences by providing robust reporting capabilities within Excel, ensuring that Spotlight users can access and analyze data in their preferred formats.
  • Empowered Self-Service: Allows users to independently generate and customize reports, reducing reliance on IT support, saving time on fixing data errors, and automatically refreshing data sources to increase operational agility.
  • Seamless Transition:  DataCanvas allows you to easily power your existing Excel reports while gaining advanced capabilities from the Spotlight platform.

DataCanvas exemplifies Nuqleous’s commitment to innovation by providing a new standard of report precision and accessibility for all Spotlight users. This enhancement allows users to harness actionable insights more quickly and effectively, driving their business forward in today’s hyper-competitive retail landscape.

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