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ChurnZero launches Service Partner Certification program

Program will expand company's ability to serve its partners, customers, and the customer success industry.

ChurnZero, the platform and partner for customer success, is proud to announce the launch of its Service Partner Certification program. This program is designed to enhance the capabilities of service providers in the customer success industry by enabling partners to configure and optimize ChurnZero solutions for mutual customers more effectively.

The Service Partner Certification program extends ChurnZero’s already robust partner ecosystem, which includes programs for hundreds of comarketing, reseller, referral, venture capital/private equity, and technical integration partners. ChurnZero currently offers more than 60 native integrations to its software, the most of any customer success platform. This initiative further solidifies ChurnZero’s commitment to building strong collaborative relationships in the industry and increasing available resources to aid our partners in their customers’ success.

Highlights of the ChurnZero Service Partner Certification program:

  • Comprehensive training: The program offers a multi-phase certification process, providing partners with extensive knowledge and skills in ChurnZero platform optimization and customer success strategies.
  • Exclusive benefits: Certified partners will receive promotional opportunities, special recognitions, and discounts on ChurnZero events and sponsorships.
  • Market expansion opportunities: Certification allows partners to expand their market reach, enhance their service offerings, and create new revenue streams with ChurnZero customers as vetted service providers.

“The Service Partner Certification program represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide customer success professionals and organizations with the tools they need to increase efficiency, drive revenue, and improve the customer experience,” said Abby Hammer, chief customer officer of ChurnZero. “This program expands our partners’ ability to support our mutual customers and ensures that those customers receive the ChurnZero best practices to get the most from the software.”

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