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Ogury unveils Header Ad, an elegant & non-intrusive mobile format

New mobile-native ad format engages users without disrupting content consumption
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Ogury, a global technology leader in mobile advertising anchored in privacy protection, is announcing the launch of Header Ad, a premium mobile format, which ensures full-creative visibility while respecting user experience. Ogury’s new ad format is mobile-native, and blends unobtrusively with the header of the mobile website page. This enables marketers to engage users without disrupting their content consumption.

Header Ad appears instantly at the top of the mobile screen, and resizes once users start to interact with the content on the page. As users scroll down, Header Ad downsizes to 100 pixels and when the ad comes to an end, it collapses. Users can also expand the ad in full screen mode, or they can simply close the ad via an exit button. As with all Ogury formats, users are given choice and control over their ad experience.

As with the rest of the Ogury ad portfolio, Header Ad is non-intrusive and ephemeral, as it collapses at the end of the video or after a short time period of display. In practice, the new format elegantly blends into the header to engage users while respecting their experience. This non-intrusive format has been created to improve the user’s advertising experience whilst increasing yield for publishers.

The unique format yields higher CPMs than the traditional top of the screen ads – up to three times higher than display banners placed at the top of pages. Header Ad is filled by premium demand only, from top brands who have exclusive agreements with Ogury.

M Publicité, the advertising arm of Le Monde Group (gathering major news publications in France such as Le Monde, L’Obs, Télérama, Courrier International and HuffPost) is an early beneficiary of the format. “As an innovative premium publisher, we are always seeking new ways to improve our readers’ advertising experience.” said Daniel Soares, Ad Operations Director at M Publicité. “We are honoured to have co-created this format with Ogury.”

Most important to brands is to understand the real impact of their ads. Header Ad provides full-creative visibility just like Ogury’s all other proprietary formats, such as Thumbnail Ad and Ad Chooser, launched in 2020. The format is always viewable with 100 percent of its pixels in full view and is available in display and video. As a fully visible format, Header Ad offers View Through Rate and Video Completion Rate based on reliable viewability metrics. This is groundbreaking compared to in-content ad formats.

The mobile-native format has been certified by the Coalition for Better Ads which develops standards for the online ad industry to better address consumer preferences. The format is available via header bidding or direct tag integration.

“Like all the ad formats we create and develop at Ogury, Header Ad is non-intrusive, ephemeral, 100% visible and most importantly, high impact. It is in our DNA as a company, and we believe that full-creative visible formats should become the main standard of the market.” said Fabien Magalon, Chief Publisher Sales Officer, Ogury. “With this format and the ability to finally achieve the viewable video metrics advertisers demand, publishers can access top CPMs on mobile.”

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