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Omneky Launches New AI Image Generation Solution


Omneky, an AI-driven marketing platform, today announced that it has integrated Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion into its platform this week, creating a complete AI image generation solution for advertising. Omneky is the first-to-market to offer this AI image generation capability within its platform, allowing customers to analyze, generate, approve, and manage brand assets all in one place.

Computer vision and AI generative content have changed the landscape of advertising, and these latest trends and innovations have allowed creatives to quantify their designs as well as quickly test and adapt content to maximize results. Unlike other programs, Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion API (application programming interface) allows Omneky’s creative team to generate content directly within the company’s dashboard. This latest API integration is helping its customers to further decrease costs of creating content and increase total return on ad spend.

“My vision when I started Omneky in 2018 was to utilize automated AI generated ads at scale to help our customers reach new audiences,” said Hikari Senju, Founder and CEO of Omneky. “AI is now more advanced than ever and able to generate creative content on its own. The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here.”

Founded by technology entrepreneur and CEO Hikari Senju, Omneky utilizes omnichannel creative testing to empower customers to launch unified and personalized brand experiences across all digital touchpoints. The platform’s AI is able to quickly determine what creatives are resonating among consumers and adjust current messaging to make content more meaningful in order to further drive engagement. With Omneky, customers can choose how to better allocate their advertising budgets, helping them obtain a more holistic understanding of how to successfully implement an omnichannel advertising strategy.

Omneky currently generates personalized ads for more than 200 clients across many different industries in the small business and enterprise sectors. Omneky constantly works to innovate and improve its platform to keep up with the ever changing advertising and tech industries, including integrating AI generative models like GPT-3 and DALL-E 2. The platform is currently generating content for LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, programmatic TV, CTV and more.

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