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OneDay announces the release of Automation and Digital Library

Dallas-based technology company, OneDay, announces the release of Automation and Digital Library.

OneDay, a video-based sales enablement platform, is proud to announce the launch of two brand-new exclusive features: Automation and Digital Library. The release of these two new cutting-edge features reinforces the company’s continued commitment to equipping customers with the necessary tools to stay ahead in their competitive industries.

The Automation feature integrates seamlessly with a variety of CRM platforms, empowering users to create personalized workflows with compelling video messages that perfectly match each stage of their sales cycle. By harnessing this capability, users can deliver timely, targeted, and consistent video messages to prospects, significantly enhancing sales efficiency and scalability.

The Digital Library feature revolutionizes video clip management by providing a centralized location for users to store and share clips across their organization. With this seamless collaboration, team members can contribute, review, and utilize shared clips, resulting in more effective and impactful videos. By leveraging the power of collaboration, users can create engaging content that effectively conveys their message and achieves their business goals.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers these new features with the focus on empowering our users to achieve new heights utilizing video,” said Ryan Gray, VP of Product at OneDay. “The release of these two remarkable additions underscores our unwavering dedication to innovation and relentless commitment to pushing boundaries.”

The launch of these features coincides with the introduction of OneDay’s new Enterprise Tier, which provides exclusive features like Automation and Digital Library, along with unparalleled support.

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