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Online Marketing Company iClick Announces Upgrade of iActivate

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iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (“iClick” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: ICLK), an independent online marketing and enterprise data solutions provider in China launched an upgrade of its ultimate advertising campaign management tool, iActivate.

iActivate is a SEM campaign management platform that consolidates a number of ad platforms into one single platform for efficient campaign monitoring and management. iActivate is a strong addition to iClick’s iSuite products including iAudience, iAccess, iAX and Tracking Solution. iActivate integrates and analyzes the often scattered ad campaign information with insufficient intelligence provided by different ad platforms across various geographic regions. Working in tandem with iClick’s Tracking Solution, iActivate provides marketers with customized comprehensive reports and actionable insights into the effectiveness of their advertising spend thereby enabling them to optimize future ad campaign performance.

“iActivate provides straightforward and intelligent market insights that address the pain points faced by marketers of receiving insufficient and overly-general campaign data from existing ad platforms,” said Frankie Ho, President of International Business at iClick. “iActivate helps brands analyze and understand campaign performance in order to target audiences more accurately, empowering them to respond promptly to market changes. Following the upgrade of iAudience and iActivate, we will continue to leverage iClick’s over 930 million consumer profiles and advanced technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance and improve our product offerings to provide better solution to our clients.”

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