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Oomiji Launches New Features to Engage Customers

Brands Can Now Customize Customer Communication Based on Provided Ratings on Leading Customer Engagement Platform
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Oomiji, the leading customer engagement platform, announced today new features that enable brands to harness individual Net Promoter Scores and the reasons behind them to ensure that customers receive optimal, customized communication based on their provided preferences.

Oomiji’s customer engagement platform enables brands to expand their first-party data sets and customer files at a time when other methods of customer tracking and analytics, including third-party cookies, are disappearing with evolving privacy regulations. The new Net Promoter Score features enable brands to provide more personalized interactions and drive customer loyalty according to provided Net Promoter Scores and the specific reasons, preferences and observations behind them.

“Most brands don’t currently understand their various customer audience segments according to stated preferences or approval ratings, because their technology was built for a different era with different available data signals,” said Jon Stamell, CEO of Oomiji. “These new features allow NPS to serve as a method for engagement with the customer about their comments at scale, enabling true 1:1 marketing.”

Oomiji’s Net Promoter Score features come on the heels of other recent innovations from the customer engagement platform, including enhanced content measurement, social media integration, audience segmentation and automation. The new features allow for multiple applications, one example being the ability to segment audiences by promoter score and use the sentiment from their comments to drive loyalty programs according to geography or customer interest.

“Even with positive customer feedback there’s an opportunity for all sorts of brands to build engagement and loyalty using customer-provided data,” Stamell said. “The pandemic underscored the urgency with which brands need to collect and understand first-party customer data, and we’ve built a platform that not only enables that data collection but also improves customer relationships.”

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