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The Advent of Messenger and Bots present both Opportunities and Threats
This blog discusses the opportunities and threats of Social Media Automation. Automation of digital marketing efforts is not necessarily a new concept. For years, brands have been deploying email, web ads, and even direct mail distribution based on a customer’s status, place within a sales funnel, or recent purchasing behavior.

Social Media Automation, however, is a fairly new concept, primarily because of how new Social Media is in general as a business tool. Recent feature updates such as Messenger and the deployment of Bots present both opportunities and threats, not only to a customer’s experience but also to a brand’s reputation.

Opportunities with Social Media Automation
A key objective of automating social media management is to reduce the amount of manual work that goes into your day-to-day efforts. With the use of social media management software, tasks such as content publishing and labeling your content for robust reporting, can be automated. This level of automation saves you time and reduces the need for resources while enhancing the customer experience. Certain governance elements can also be automated, such as approval paths and ensuring that messages published to your social media accounts meet your brand guidelines.

Threats with Social Media Automation
While automating some work can help streamline business operations with your customers, companies run the risk of dehumanizing their brand by completely removing themselves from personally connecting with customers. Despite being dispatched through a digital channel, customer service should still be an interpersonal experience. Simply put, fake help is not helpful. And while things like automated responses and bots can increase efficiency and even be well-received by customers, they can also quickly go awry and lead to customer frustration. Consumers are smart, savvy and expect quality service from the brands they support and do business with.

Solutions for your Social Media Automation Strategy
Tools like Sprinklr allow brands to automate elements of their social media strategy through features like the Rules Engine and Macros. Sprinklr also provides for the management of individual roles and permissions for each user and each channel. This ensures that the right employee connects with customers through social media channels at the right time and ultimately maintains the balance between efficiency through automation and personalization.

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    Tara Jones
    Social media Consultant Allant Group
    Tara works as a Business Consultant and trainer at the Allant group. She not only designs and configures all the appropriate solutions fir requirements gathering but also makes sure that client expectations regarding platform functionality is fulfilled. She is a thorough professional and ensures that every client derives the most value possible from the implementation experience.

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