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Optimizely wrapped its annual Opticon event

Nearly 900 attendees and over 300 customers attend event celebrating Boundless Digital Invention

Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider enabling Boundless Digital Invention, has wrapped its annual Opticon event. Opticon brought together and connected leaders of technology, media, business, and brands for conversations on the rapid evolutions and innovations shaping marketing and the future of digital experiences.

Optimizely welcomed nearly 900 attendees from industry-leading brands, as well as customers, media, analysts, and more across 45 sessions during the three-day event focused on future-forward solutions to the industry’s most complex challenges and “enemies” of every digital leader: complexity to get things done, uncertainty about what works, and inertia caused by siloed and non-actionable data. Additional highlights from this year’s event, include:

The Future is Boundless: In his keynote session, Alex Atzberger, Chief Executive Officer at Optimizely, outlined the complexities holding brands back from achieving outcomes and introduced Boundless Digital Invention, a new way for digital leaders to improve outcomes such as increased revenue, lower TCO, and decreased customer acquisition costs.

“At Optimizely, we unleash brand potential as the world’s only DXP designed to help reinvent how marketing works. With Boundless Digital Invention, marketers can orchestrate, monetize, and experiment at every point,” Atzberger said during the session. “By removing complexities and barriers, brands can drive business success with boundless possibilities and infinite outcomes.”

The Road to Revolutionary Experiences: Chief Product Officer Justin Anovick previewed Optimizely’s upcoming product roadmap, exploring what’s possible in the digital landscape and how Optimizely delivers value to customers through its Orchestrate, Monetize, and Experiment solutions, encompassing ideation, development, engagement, testing, learning, and beyond.

“For Optimizely, DXP is all about being better together – so that every team is unlimited in what they can accomplish,” Anovick said during his keynote. “Having acquired five companies over the past few years, it’s one-dimensional to view our recent work simply as ‘the whole is better than the sum of its parts.’ Because we understand that it’s not just about the totality of our different capabilities – it’s also about what each individual component brings to the table.”

During Opticon, Optimizely announced its new Orchestrate solution, combining its three best-in-class products – Content Marketing (CMP), Content Management (CMS), and Digital Asset Management (DAM) – into a comprehensive offering. Orchestrate transforms how marketing teams work, enabling them to manage the entire content lifecycle and deliver better digital experiences. Optimizely also released Real-Time Segmentation, a first-of-its kind offering that allows marketers to segment customers in the moment of engagement to deliver highly relevant, personalized digital experiences. The solution integrates across all products and leverages “fresh data” to reflect the true state of an audience, eliminating data refresh intervals that can delay customer insights.

Reinventing How Marketing Works: Optimizely Chief Marketing Officer Kirsten Allegri Williams explored how the demands of the marketing landscape and technology have transformed marketers themselves, including the creation of the digital execution gap between what customers expect and what we can deliver.

“Marketers and product leaders have become part of the same digital team, partnering together to create better channel strategy, better design and content decisions, and deeper user engagement right within the product,” Allegri Williams said in the keynote. “To close the digital execution gap, we need to reinvent how marketers work. Along with all other core functions, like HR, Finance, and IT, marketing deserves its own system of record. With the new evolution of Optimizely, we finally have it.”

“We all know martech has become too complex,” said Lorenz Gan, Chief Digital Officer and CIO of New Era Cap LLC. “The customer experience is too important to be left to a patchwork of disconnected systems. That’s why I am grateful for the unified vision that Optimizely has built.”

Recordings of the Day One and Day Two keynotes are now available.

Learn more about our upcoming Opticon Tour events taking place in London on Friday, Nov. 4, and Stockholm on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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