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Optimove launches new AI-Powered Voice Search capabilities

The new Speech-to-Text capability will enable consumers to lead their own marketing journey with a seamless and convenient search experience

Optimove, the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform, today announced the addition of powerful AI-Powered voice search capabilities into its Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Opti-X, to empower brands to provide consumers with a simple, seamless and convenient search experience.

Opti-X serves personalized content and product recommendations across all digital touch points for consumers and even anonymous visitors based on their past interactions, similar consumers, trending items, and more.

Optimove’s intelligent Voice Search functionality is native to Opti-X and operates via Automatic Speech Recognition System (ASR) that transforms voice signals into text. The company’s voice recognition technology allows consumers to search using their voice with a self-learning engine then translating the phrases into text.

With the new addition, Optimove joins some of the biggest tech companies in the world that are at the forefront of Speech-to-Search. Twenty percent (20%) of all Google searches are already being made using Voice (Google), and Microsoft is investing in Voice technology via the Nuance acquisition in 2021 (Forrester). Increasingly, Speech-to-Search capabilities are becoming what consumers expect from brands as part of their digital experience. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of U.S. consumers use voice assistants on their smartphones, and 26% use smart speakers at least once a week.

Integrating speech-to-search capabilities will empower Optimove clients to:

  • Personalize search experiences: surface personalized results based on consumers’ previous searches, preferences, and other site behaviors.
  • Search on the go: empower consumers to search on the go while traveling from A to B, driving, or simply multitasking.
  • Sponsor or promote content: surface consumers promoted content with customizable business rules alongside organic search results.

“Introducing groundbreaking Voice Search technology into Optimove’s AI-powered intelligent search engine marks a significant stride in meeting the evolving needs of today’s consumers,” said Rob Davis, Director of Personalization Technology. “This advancement guarantees a delightful and intuitive experience for consumers across our clients’ interfaces. It empowers brands to prioritize consumers further and deliver seamless, unobtrusive, and organic customer experiences that garner loyalty and trust and allows further avenues for consumers to lead their own marketing journeys.”

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