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Over 2500 Digital Business Solutions Will be Presented at GoTech World 2019

GoTech World (formerly Internet & Mobile World), the home of the digital economy in Central and Eastern Europe, the largest B2B expo-conference, takes place on October 2nd – 3rd, at Romexpo, in Bucharest, and brings forward hundreds of IT & digital solutions suited for the digital needs of any company.

The attendees at this years’ edition of GoTech World will be able to discover and interact with the most innovative IT & digital business solutions, by visiting the 140 exhibiting stands of multinational and local companies, on an exhibition area of 7194 sqm.

Data security – a priority for companies in the digitalisation process

Cybersecurity has been for decades one of the main concerns of IT specialists. As technology advances and business users focus their activity more and more on their mobile devices, securing sensitive data becomes more and more critical.

certSIGN, Romanian company specialised on developing cybersecurity apps, will present at GoTech World its mobile security solution for companies. Together with the Samsung Knox platform, certSIGN will display integrated solutions for a fast and safe digital transformation of each company, in order to completely eliminate paper documents. At the GoTech World stand, certSIGN will showcase live demos with practical examples for various departments, such as: retail, logistics, completely automatised HR processes, accounting & finance etc.

NTT DATA Romania will display at GoTech World innovative B2B security management solutions, such as corporate security monitoring services, cyber threats detection services, web security services or vulnerability management services. The cybersecurity services developed by NTT DATA Romania are based on advanced analysis capacities, including Machine Learning and management of information that compromise app security, allowing the identification of possible security threats, undetectable by classic methods.

Through its integrated Cloud platform, Qualys helps businesses streamline their IT, security and compliance solutions and build security into their digital transformation initiatives. The cloud storage platform developed by Qualys provides an integrated end-to-end solution which collects and analyses large sets of security and compliance data in a scalable, cutting-edge system.

Digital Business Solutions for the efficiency of every company

In order to keep up with the more and more dynamic market demands, more and more companies adopt digital transformation in all departments and business lines, by using digital solutions and apps to automatise and integrate operational activities. Either in purchasing, finance, HR, sales, supply chain or customer services, for each of these departments there is the perfect solution for efficient work processes.

TotalSoft, one of the most important business IT systems providers in Central Europe attends GoTech World and displays the Charisma platform, which ensures a 360o view on the business, regardless of the industry: either finance, retail, distribution, production, services, construction, agriculture, energy or medical. TotalSoft is the preferred supplier of ERP solutions in Romania and one of the top 10 global suppliers of software solutions for the leasing industry.

With a team of over 500 specialists and projects in 45 countries, TotalSoft innovates and develops new software platforms that focus on accessibility by easily integrating third-party solutions, upgrading to Cloud and adopting new technologies. A.I. and IoT technologies are integrated into the Charisma platform for business process transformation and optimising current solutions.

So far, systems compatibility was one of the greatest obstacles for work productivity. Konica Minolta, one of the most important integrated IT services and solutions, will display for the first time its new innovative technology for modern offices – Workplace Hub – a complex platform of online products and services, connected and focused on work environments, unique on the IT services and solutions worldwide.

Launched at the beginning of year in RomaniaWorkplace Hub is a game changer, destined to simplify IT processes, which contributes to the improvement of personal work experience and team collaboration, through mobility and easy information sharing. Workplace Hub includes processing and storage systems based on state-of-the-art HP servers, high level security solutions, based on the Sophos technology, local and cloud back-up functionalities by using the Acronis solutions and Wi-Fi services, together with advanced printing functionalities, all single-managed by Konica Minolta.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Robot Process Automation (RPA) – the future of business technologies

In the modern economy, every business must aim to optimize processes and reduce costs. In this context, solutions based on Internet of Things can have a major impact. The IoT ecosystem is already a real asset to many companies who aim for a sustainable and functional development.

Through the solutions displayed at GoTech World, SYSWIN Solutions provides performant IoT and M2M solutions for companies, in order to respond to the integrated interconnection of operational systems. SysAgria is an intelligent solution that can be the core of precise agriculture, allowing permanent data collection and analysis from the soil and the air, preventing the farmer from the risks of crop disease, thus increasing the quality of the crop. SYSWIN Solutions also displays at GoTech World two SmartCity solutions, based on sensor technology: SmartAir City – for monitoring urban pollution levels and SysParking – for the development of smart parking systems.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the technologies that will change the way we work enabling companies and public agencies become more efficient and competitive. Using software robots that imitate and integrate human actions into companies’ digital systems, RPA helps optimize processes, relieving employees of the burden of repetitive tasks. With an impressive evolution, UiPath, leader of the global RPA market, comes to GoTech World as .NET Stage Partner and will present its vision on the Automation First concept, in a technology era where people use RPA technology in as many possible processes, adopting the vision of using a robot for every employee.

Transiris is a company specialized in infrastructure and marketing solutions for large businesses (Fortune 500), that provides solutions such as Big Data, RPA, Nation Branding and many more. Transiris will display its creative and marketing automation solutions at GoTech World. One of the most important recent projects in Transiris’ portfolio is the worldwide brand strategy for the United States of America Federal Government.

The solutions presented above are only a part of the hundreds of products and technologies that will be displayed this year at the 8th edition of the business expo-conference GoTech World (formerly Internet & Mobile World). Over 140 exhibitors, local and multinational companies will showcase to the attending professionals a wide array of digital business solutions, suitable for every company needs in various fields.

Ultimately, GoTech World will comprise:

  • 7 large stages, corresponding to as many exhibition areas with specific solutions;
  • 25 industries and 5000 companies represented at all levels;
  • Over 10.000 business attendees, of which 5500 at CxO level;
  • 140 exhibitors with over 2500 digital solutions;
  • 100 local and international speakers and 83 sessions;
  • 20 local start-ups.

Anyone who wants to attend the event must register online on Until the 19th of September, professionals interested in booking a place at the sessions on the 7 conference stages can book passes at special discounts. Also, teams of 3-5 members can benefit from 5% discounts along with 3 free Digital Starter passes, teams of 6-10 members benefit from 10% discounts and also get 6 free Digital Starter passes and for groups of more than 10 members discounts can go up to 15% also getting 8 Digital Starter passes.

For further information, please follow the official communication platforms:
Facebook Event – GoTech World 2019

GoTech World Partners:
ING Bank România – Main Partner

Stage Partners:
NTT DATA România – Security Stage
Trencadis – IT Ops Stage
Orange Business Services – Digital & E-Commerce Stage
Cognizant Softvision – Java Stage
UiPath – .NET Stage
Waze – Martech Stage

Networking Partners:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise – IT Solutions
Transiris – Digital Marketing Solutions

GoTech World Sponsors:

Fujitsu, Engie, certSIGN, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Enel X, SYSWIN Solutions, Konica Minolta, SoftOne, MoLoSo, Lidl Digital, Endava, Happy Advertising, SEO Cupcake, White Image, E.ON România

VIVA Telecom – Internet Partner
Renault – Car Partner
KITE – Digital Partner
L’OR – Coffee Partner
foodpanda – Food Partner
IQOS – Experience Partner

Media Center Partner:
Adevărul Financiar

Main Media Partners:
KISS FM, Business Review

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GoTech World (formerly Internet & Mobile World), home of the digital economy in Central & Eastern Europe the largest B2B expo-conference dedicated to IT & digital solutions in the region;

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