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Panoply & Square to Offer Business Intelligence to Square Community

New pre-built SQL queries and dashboards provide Square users an end-to-end solution, from raw data to business insights
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SQream announced today that Panoply, their no-code cloud data platform that makes it easy to sync, store, and access business data, has partnered with globally trusted commerce solutions company Square to deliver deeper analytics insights to Square sellers. Panoply’s new pre-built dashboards feature uses data recipes to provide Square sellers with robust reporting and analytics, in just a few clicks.

These new ready-made dashboards are designed both for business users unfamiliar with SQL, and for technical users tasked with providing business reports. Both groups will now have a quick path to actionable data insights. From ingesting data into a managed data warehouse, to querying your data with pre-built data recipes, then presenting that data in business ready dashboards, Panoply has users covered every step of the way.

“Data Recipe Dashboards were built based on recommendations from users who requested quick access to common business queries through the Panoply workbench,” says Ami Gal, CEO of SQream. “The array of Square dashboards were designed with our joint customers to provide Square sellers a one stop shop for their data needs. Any retailer using Square locally or globally can now rely on a single solution for all their data analytics needs.”

Panoply will allow Square sellers to integrate multiple data sources and slice and dice their data to access insights that have previously been difficult to reach. With simple ELT connectors, users can bring in external data from multiple sources such as advertising platforms or CRMs to get a more holistic look at their business. They can also create detailed reports for multiple locations or stores, break out sales by region or time of day, or analyze based on product or vertical.

For a limited time, Square sellers who sign up for a free 60-day proof of value on Panoply will be eligible for a free custom-built dashboard to gain visibility into their specific KPIs. Sign up at

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