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PAR Punchh® announced partnership with Attentive

Integration provides high-value channel for restaurants to engage with customers, unlocking new ways to increase loyalty acquisition, and drive revenue growth.

ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology company and provider of unified commerce solutions for enterprise restaurants, announced a new partnership between PAR Punchh®, PAR Technology’s industry-leading loyalty and offer solution, and Attentive, the AI marketing platform specializing in SMS marketing for leading brands. This integration will expand PAR Punchh’s capabilities to help restaurants turn anonymous guests into loyalty members, grow their loyalty membership and send engaging visuals and content with personalized offers to spark actions via SMS messaging.

The integration offers restaurants enhanced tools for customer acquisition and communication. These tools operate within a channel that 93% of customers express interest in for brand communication, according to data from Attentive’s Global Consumer Survey Report. The partnership gives Punchh Customers the opportunity to:

  • Grow loyalty membership by incentivizing SMS opt-ins.
  • Send targeted campaigns to drive app downloads and loyalty sign-ups.
  • Leverage advanced SMS functionality like MMS, video, GIFs and A/B testing.
  • Streamline SMS compliance with Attentive’s expertise.

“Partnering with Attentive equips our customers with more robust tools to engage guests through timely, relevant messaging,” said Savneet Singh, CEO of PAR Technology. “SMS engagement is critical for growing loyal customers and repeat visits in today’s restaurant industry. With Attentive, we can help brands create seamless omnichannel relationships with customers, fostering loyalty across digital interactions and real-world visits.”

This integration comes at a time when consumers are seeking deeper relationships with their favorite brands. SMS provides a high-value channel, boasting a 98% open rate compared to email, which is less than 20%. Restaurants using PAR Punchh can now engage with loyalty and non-loyalty members to encourage new sign-ups and actions.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer restaurants a convenient way to engage with customers, by using personalized and visual text messaging in every step of the omnichannel journey to meet customers where they are,” said Angelique Kamara, VP of Partnerships at Attentive. “This partnership with PAR Punchh helps our joint brands unlock the full potential of SMS marketing, further strengthening brand loyalty and increasing revenue.”

In a testament to the tangible impact of this new partnership, Kim Collura, VP of Marketing at Jason’s Deli, shares her experience: “Thanks to the seamless integration between Attentive and Punchh, our business has experienced a significant uplift in SMS subscriber growth and customer engagement. With targeted messaging and personalized rewards, we’ve seen a tangible increase in repeat visits and higher average spend per customer. This partnership has truly elevated our marketing efforts, allowing us to connect with our audience on a deeper level and drive sustainable growth.”

Joining PAR Punchh’s ecosystem of over 200 technology partners, Attentive’s partnership is currently the only restaurant loyalty and SMS platform integration of its kind.

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