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Pensa Systems again named Shelf Monitoring Solution of the Year

2024 Retail Breakthrough Award Recognizes Standout Global Retail Technology Companies
Pensa Systems

Pensa Systems, a leading innovator in automated retail shelf intelligence, today announced it has been recognized for the second consecutive year as “Shelf Monitoring Solution of the Year” by RetailTech Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that evaluates and recognizes standout retail technology companies, products, and services around the globe.

Pensa digitizes the physical shelf at retail, bringing store inventory online to automatically spot stockouts, items running low and other problems in shelf planning and execution, freeing up time once spent identifying shelf issues to resolve those issues.

Pensa’s real-time solution bridges the gap for a fully digitized store and supply chain, helping leading CPG brands and retailers reduce inefficiencies and inaccuracies of today’s error-prone and labor-intensive approaches. Outputs are precise and timely item-level data to spot granular “in the moment” shelf inventory issues and highly accurate trend data to improve overall shelf performance. No new equipment or capital expenditure is needed. Pensa leverages existing phones and handheld devices already in the field.

Pensa’s advanced shelf intelligence solution is powered by patented motion-based computer vision and AI (CVAI) that delivers significant speed and accuracy improvements over traditional “by hand” shelf auditing, older image-based CVAI and basic video solutions. You can read more about what makes Pensa’s CVAI different here.

Pensa supports a variety of use cases including more efficient in-store merchandising, reduced stockouts, optimized planning and compliance of retail shelf space, better promotional effectiveness, improved e-commerce customer experience, and more accurate forecasting of future demand.

“Computer vision and AI can eliminate the tedium of what has traditionally been done by hand, enabling retail workforces to spend their time at retail fixing rather than finding what needs to be fixed,” said Richard Schwartz, President and CEO of Pensa Systems. “This award is once again a wonderful reflection of our team’s innovation in applying advanced AI to improve operations and drive growth for our CPG and retailer customers.”

“The Pensa application turns shelf monitoring insights into quantifiable business value offering an advantage to retailers and brands in today’s uber-competitive market. In the past, retailers and brands have relied on still image computer vision shelf monitoring solutions, or legacy gap scanning approaches that take longer and are not as accurate,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, RetailTech Breakthrough. “Pensa’s highly efficient cloud-based system delivers accuracy, timeliness of insights, ease of use and efficiency making them again our pick for ‘Shelf Monitoring Solution of the Year’. Pensa’s insights position their application as the clear source of truth for what is happening on the retail shelf through computer vision and advanced AI.”

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