Disrupting Data Management and E-commerce Strategies with Lee Roquet


In the latest Disruption Interruption Podcast episode, host Karla Jo Helms talks with Lee Roquet, CEO of Finch, a leading e-commerce marketing firm. They discuss the importance of ongoing improvements in e-commerce data management, emphasizing the use of AI and machine learning to gain insights from large datasets. Roquet highlights the need for integration across various systems and platforms, promoting a unified approach to data handling in e-commerce.

Several key challenges businesses face in marketing technology and data management include data quality, cybersecurity, integration, and fostering a data-driven culture. Poor data quality can lead to flawed insights, while cybersecurity concerns threaten financial losses and reputational damage. (1) In this discussion with Karla Jo (KJ) Helms, host of the Disruption Interruption podcast, Lee Roquet, a dynamic leader renowned for his passion-driven approach to delivering exceptional customer service, delves into Finch’s transformative journey from traditional e-commerce practices to data-driven strategies. He unveils new methods reshaping the e-commerce landscape, emphasizing innovation and transparency. “Our goal is to empower agencies to not only deliver exceptional results for their clients but also to thrive in an increasingly competitive market,” he explains. “We’re redefining the way agencies approach data, putting the power of advanced analytics and storytelling at their fingertips.”

MarTech and E-commerce Data Management
Marketing technology, or MarTech, is a term that encompasses specific software applications used to build, automate, track, and improve marketing efforts. Many kinds of industries rely on MarTech to increase the efficiency of their marketing efforts—and to better understand what resonates (or does not) with different audiences. (2)

Data management plays a critical role in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, through its transformative impact on customer engagement and business growth. Helms and Roquet delve into how, by adopting efficient data handling approaches, e-commerce vendors can unlock valuable insights and enhance the overall customer experience through personalized recommendations and targeted marketing efforts. Roquet explains the value of initiatives like the AI Think Tank and how Finch empowers its team to drive tangible results and propel business growth.

Roquet also addresses the challenges facing the e-commerce space, highlighting the need for accountability. “Being an agency these days is kind of dirty,” he expresses. “There’s a lot of overpromising and underdelivering.” With Finch’s platform, Roquet aims to address these challenges by centralizing data, enabling agencies to deliver clear insights and enhance client relationships.

Empowering E-commerce through Collaborative Storytelling
Roquet emphasizes the significance of storytelling in conveying the value of data. “If you understand the data, you own the narrative and can drive collaboration and shared success,” he asserts.

Roquet remains committed to driving innovation and empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem. By providing transparent, data-driven insights, the platform fosters stronger client-agency relationships and facilitates more meaningful conversations around strategy and performance.

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