Perpetua launches Prism


Perpetua, a global leader in eCommerce advertising software, has launched Prism – the first fully-integrated market and competitive intelligence solution bringing efficiency and precision to how brands advertise on Amazon. Prism gives advertisers instant insight into how they’re performing relative to their competitors to inform product strategies, evaluate market trends, and accurately predict where to invest their next advertising dollar.

“Prism adds a completely new layer to traditional marketplace advertising. Until now, advertisers have largely been focused on their own performance data without fully understanding the context of what is happening around them,” says Franz Jordan, GM and Vice President of Perpetua. “The combination of robust market awareness and competitive intelligence allows advertisers to be more thoughtful about their ad investments and more cognizant of how competing brands are performing in their category.”

With the launch of Prism, Perpetua is set on changing how brands approach advertising on Amazon. Market-aware advertisers with more visibility of competitor and category performance will be able to strengthen existing ad strategies and uncover new opportunities for scalable growth.

Category-level insights available through Prism are already providing incredible insight into market concentration and overall competitiveness across Amazon’s biggest categories:

  • The highly-concentrated Toys & Games category sees almost half of sales going to the top 2% of brands with the top brand outperforming the next strongest competitor by 200%.
  • The Patio, Lawn & Garden category lacks a clear leader with the top 2 brands not having any ASINs in the top 20 and the top 3 brands all sitting above $1.5 million in weekly sales
  • The Health & Household category is dominated by brands in the Oral Care subcategory despite Oral Care comprising only 7% of total sales in the broader category – signalling an extremely high concentration of top players in the market.

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