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Persado Unveils Motivation AI for Martech Partners

Names Rob Kramer SVP of Partnerships to Spearhead Product Integrations That Drive Customer Engagement at Scale

Persado, the Motivation Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that drives personalized communications at scale, announced its Motivation AI API, which gives partners access to the industry’s only transformer model that has been trained for over a decade on more than 100 billion digital impressions and consumer communications. The Persado Motivation AI Platform produces behavior-driving language to increase customer engagement and business results—generating more than $1.5B in incremental revenue for top brands using Persado. Through Persado’s API, partners can deliver the benefits and insights of consumer motivation without significant investment and time.

Timed with the API debut, Persado has named Rob Kramer SVP of Partnerships to spearhead the company’s partner program and integrations.

Email service providers (ESPs) and other marketing technology providers excel at distributing marketing messages across channels and touchpoints but struggle to enable customers to break through the digital noise to communicate effectively with target consumers. Where other AI solutions address the challenge with language generation, Persado provides the only AI solution based on a transformer model fully connected and pre-trained on behavioral data. The Persado Platform does not simply generate natural language; it also selects the words that will drive action across email, search, social, web, and other customer communications.

“Delivering content that resonates with a consumer’s purchasing habits and emotional drivers is the only way to both cultivate meaningful brand experiences and measurably increase revenue,” said Assaf Baciu, co-founder and COO, Persado. “Our Motivation AI API bridges the gap between consumer understanding and effective content generation—giving partners use of relevant, personalized data to develop compelling language and communications that inspire action across channels. Partners also gain unique analytics that unearth the language that most drives behavior at every stage of the customer journey.”

Partners benefit from Persado’s advanced AI and machine learning technology trained on brand communications across verticals including retail, banking, insurance, healthcare, and travel & hospitality. The Platform’s decisioning engine delivers the precise language that motivates every individual to engage and act, driving unprecedented revenue lift. The Motivation AI API leverages the Persado Customer Motivation Knowledge Base, tapping into a vast dataset, comprised of:

  • 100B+ digital language impressions;
  • 1.2B annual consumer interactions with brands;
  • and a growing collection of 15.5M unique messages.

New SVP of Partnerships Invites Beta Participants

Demonstrating commitment to the company’s partnerships, Persado has hired digital marketing and channel program veteran Robert Kramer as Senior Vice President of Partnerships. Kramer will lead a growing global program that empowers technology partners to leverage the hyper-personalized, behavior-driving language available in the Persado Motivation AI Platform.

“Our Motivation AI API grants martech partners direct access to the world’s only transformer model designed specifically for enterprise communications,” said Robert Kramer, Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Persado. “By opening access to this model, our partners gain the flexibility and customization to design simple widgets or more robust interfaces, along with creative ways to leverage real-time content generation without leaving their own platform.”

Persado invites customer-obsessed martech leaders to register for the private beta. To learn more about the API and its capabilities, visit

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