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Personalization Platform SmarterHQ Launches Store Product Alerts

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With the expected rise in curbside pick-up and buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS) from retailers this holiday season, SmarterHQ today announced the launch of Store Product Alerts, enabling retail marketers to send automated messages to alert shoppers of inventory availability at their preferred store based on their unique interests and shopping behaviors.

“Retailers are still trying to figure out their holiday strategies as the pandemic has caused so much uncertainty. While brands have historically relied on a memorable in-store experience and frictionless online shopping, those tactics may not prove to be as effective as people are concerned about crowded public spaces and shipping times are taking longer,” said Michael Osborne, President & CEO of SmarterHQ. “In response, retailers are prioritizing their efforts around curbside pick-up and BOPIS. With the launch of Store Product Alerts, retail marketers can alert shoppers of inventory availability at their preferred store on an item they had previously browsed online, allowing shoppers to select items before they’re out of stock so they can then pick them up at their favorite local store in a safe and efficient way – which will be perfect for those last minute holiday shoppers.”

With SmarterHQ’s Store Product Alerts, brands can benefit customers by:

  • Increasing visibility of Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store and curbside pick-up programs by letting customers know when products are available at a store nearby.
  • Allowing customers to avoid shipping fees and delays by ordering available products via BOPIS while allowing brands to maintain their margins without taking a hit on shipping costs.
  • Encouraging quick pick-up options for those last minute holiday shoppers.
  • Confidently marketing products with local stock issues, letting customers know when popular items are now available.

This is the latest product launch from SmarterHQ that lets brands get closer to their customers, and which help create more loyal shoppers. Earlier this year, the company rolled out Smarter Predictions, giving brands the insights and ability to accurately anticipate a customer’s next move and power the most relevant, high-conversion messages directly in the SmarterHQ platform. These dynamic, self-tuning models update based on how customers interact in real time, which is especially crucial during busy holiday seasons and situations such as COVID-19 when consumer behaviors are constantly changing.

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